My blog talk radio show Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou was scheduled for 9 last night. I was set to go at 8:30. I cannot connect with the internet radio station via computer and telephone till 8:45. Fifteen minutes to kill.

I sat down to watch a few minutes of an old movie.

The next thing I recall is the telephone ringing. It was Anna from Novara, Italy. Three in the morning her time. She could not sleep. Decided to listen to the show live.

Her call woke me. Where are you?….. what happened?…..she asked. I looked at the clock. It was 9:03. Holy shit! I moved fast. Did in two minutes what normally takes ten minutes to connect with blog talk radio. I went on air 5-6 minutes late.

At the end of the show, I explained why I was late. I fell asleep! I figured why not share. I am human. Falling asleep at the wrong time a human experience.

Do not think it strange that Anna telephoned me from Italy. Her cell phone has international usage.

The show, though perhaps hurried, went well. I discussed the McKinney, Texas situation. Added another Texas police problem that got buried because of McKinney. Austin, Texas.

A bystander was across the street from a demonstration watching. He started videoing the demonstration and how the police were handling it. A mounted police officer saw him. Mounted on horse, the police officer rode across the street, bumped the bystander, caused him to drop his cell phone. When the bystander went to pick it up, the officer maced him and the phone.

Not surprising. We have to remember that police officers today consider citizens the enemy. How far we have come!

This morning’s Key West Citizen History Section makes mention of Sally Rand. A popular fan dancer for many years. A controversial figure.

I met her once in 1964 at a cocktail party at Grossinger’s in the Catskills. We engaged in a 10 minute uninterrupted conversation.

The History Section mentioned the IRS grabbing Rand’s Key West properties for back taxes. I recalled she once owned a Key West home. Located at 916 Eisenhower Drive.

I googled Rand to update my knowledge concerning her. The fourth item on the first page was SALLY RAND – KEY WEST LOU. I forgot I had mentioned her in a blog I did January 14, 2015.

The two New York escapees, Dannemora Prison. The media have been hyping the escape, telling us how afraid the residents in upstate New York are. I thought it was just that. Hype. I telephoned some of my Utica and upstate New York friends. Not hype. Everyone genuinely concerned.

Dannemora is a town of about 5,000. Located 25 miles from the Canadian border. You do not know cold till you have wintered there. Dannemora sits in the Adirondack Mountains.

It is 135 miles as the crow flies from Utica to Dannemora. Note, as the crow flies. Actual driving takes 200 miles on winding two lane State and County roads. I know. Several major clients had problems in the Dannemora/Plattsburg area. A difficult drive, especially in winter.

Though I have not a specific recollection, I am sure some of my firm attorneys had depositions inside Dannemora Prison itself.

The prison is 170 years old. First time for an escape. One of the jail’s prominent guests for a time was Lucky Luciano.

I have to move fast. I do the anti-gravity treadmill this morning. I promise not to fall asleep between now and then.

Enjoy your day!

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