There is a saying that events occur in threes. I hope I have had my threes re health concerns.

The past several weeks have had their downside. First, my falling and balance problems. Then diverticulitis. Yesterday morning, surprise minor surgery.

Lord, I give up! No more please!

I am fine today. So far.

I will be 80 years old in 33 days. Yesterday morning, I was wondering if I will make it.

Time and energy prevented me doing the blog yesterday morning. My apologies.

I felt ok by evening. Like nothing had happened. Ergo, I did my blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. My preparation was lacking. I did the show by merely sitting back and pontificating. I liked the show. Those of you who listened, I hope you did also.

Ally’s birthday was monday. Ten years old. Big! I told Ally she was entering womanhood. She was a young lady. She beamed! We did dinner and Happy Birthday cake.

I screwed up. Robert’s birthday was May 15. I forgot. Did not realize it till I was talking with Lisa about Ally’s birthday. I asked when Robert’s was. Two weeks earlier.

I brought a present for Robert monday night. I apologized to him several times. It was no problem from his perspective. He hugged me tight and kissed me. Robert is now 11 years old.

KONK Life hits the stands today. My column is Corruption Of Politics And Banks. Money, of course, the cause. I suggested two Louis solutions. Read the column, if you can. Guaranteed you will enjoy.

Yesterday, a light rain all day. Today, rain again. Heavier. Another rainy day. A nice break. Cools things off.

I returned to the anti-gravity treadmill monday. It had been two weeks. I took it easy at the beginning. No problem.

The NFL, Roger Goodell, and Tom Brady. Commissioner Goodell insists he is going to hear Brady’s appeal. Bad! It has been consistent law for more than 25 years that a hearing officer cannot be judge, jury and prosecutor at the same time. If Goodell rules against Brady, Brady has a sure win in a court room thereafter.

Since Goodell made the initial decision to find Brady guilty and punish him, it appears the handwriting is on the wall as to what the appeals decision will be.

Enjoy your day

One comment on “I AM OK

  1. Lou,

    Glad you’re up to writing…sorry for your recent health issues. Know there are many who care about you and are concerned!
    Be well…take care.

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