China is a power. Hong Kong is not. Hong Kong is protesting big time.

A power can only tolerate abuse so long…..before it snuffs the little guy out. Such is the way of the world.

The 1956 Hungarian Revolution an example. The Russians let the Hungarians vent a few days. Then sent the tanks in. The student protesters could not leave Hungary soon enough.

Another example is Tienanmen Square in 1989. Student led also. China gave the demonstrators a few days to give off steam. Then sent the tanks in.

Present day protests in Hong Kong are millennial led. Protests time limited. China is massing military vehicles near the city’s border.

Note that each of the three “uprisings” were/are youth led. They try, but seem not able to succeed.

In the last 24 hours, China has said the Hong Kong protesters are “asking for self destruction.” “Terrorism” increasing. Most recently, Molotov cocktails. Those demonstrating must be severely punished “without leniency, without mercy.”

Big day tomorrow for the youth of Key West. Back to school! If all are like Robert and Ally, they are anxious to return.The police will be out in school areas. Enforcing no speeding around schools and school bus rules.

Don’t beware because the police are out. Beware because it is the right thing to do. They are our children!

Key West and the State of Florida were on opposite sides during the Civil War. Key West remained with the Union. The rest of the State with the Confederacy.

As war was being declared, the Union officer in charge of Union troops stationed in Key West led his men to Fort Zachery Taylor. A point from which the Union was able to control ship movement around the Keys the entire war, thereby denying the South much needed supplies.

Vessels that did put into Key West could not leave till owners and crew pledged allegiance to the Union.

Another police screw up story. Hugo, Oklahoma. Two police officers were attempting to apprehend a robbery suspect. He was driving a pick-up truck. Four children were riding in the back seat. Five, 4, 2, and 1 year olds.

The police began firing. The police put 26 rounds into the truck. The driver was not hurt. Three of the four children were. A bullet pierced the front left side of the 4 year old’s brain. The 5 year old suffered a skull fracture, the 1 year old gunshot wounds to the face. The 2 year old not touched.

The 4 were children or step children of the truck driver.

He shot back at the police. However says he did not do so till the police shot at him. Rank stupidity!

The police were in an unmarked car and in plain clothes.

Nothing of consequence has occurred yet. The shootings occurred in April. The 2 officers have been relegated to desk duty.

One of the officers was involved in a citizen shooting several years back. The citizen died. The officer was determined not to be responsible.

How thorough will the investigation be? Will the results ever be made public?

Six months certainly long enough for the investigation to have been concluded and the results made known.

In my long life, 2 things have impressed me greatly. Both without comparison. Man on the moon and the Berlin Wall coming down.

Who can question the astronauts stepping on the moon’s surface?

Berlin was split into 4 zones following World War II. Berlin was actually in the Russian zone. However the major powers each wanted a piece of it. The U.S. got its zone.

The East Germans did not like living under Russian domination. They used to cross the street into the U.S. section No wall preventing them from doing so. Many never returned.

One day, the Russians went out and built a barbed wire fence soon followed by a concrete wall. One hundred miles of concrete blocks encompassing the East German zone.

Several years later, the height of the wall was increased to 10 feet. This time guard towers,machine gun posts, and searchlights added.

On November 11, 1989, German citizens from both the East and West sides began tearing the wall down.

Absolutely amazing! Never thought it would happen!

To understand my comments you had to live more than 30 years with the threat of a Soviet/U.S. war hanging over your heads. As school children today are taught what to do if a shooter enters their school, my children were taught what to do if a nuclear bomb was on its way. Whatever was not sufficient. Getting under one’s desk provided no safety.

Putin and Trump are the best of friends. Trump believes everything Putin tells him over the advice of his advisers. Trump and Kim Jung Un are in “love.” Trump tells us Kim writes him “love letters.”

Kim is testing low and intermediate missiles. Capable of carrying nuclear war heads.

Putin recently went back to nuclear testing. A missile that could best any U.S. missile defense the U.S. has.

The test failed. Exploded. Five scientists killed. Radioactivity sprayed everywhere.

The nuclear weapon Putin was testing is called “Petrel.” The missile nuclear armed and powered. If Putin succeeds in turning out this new weapon, Russia will have a missile capable of evading any U.S. missile defense and have unlimited range.

Putin is having his problems. His popularity on the down slide. The economy dipping. Protests occurring. Not the size  of those going on in Hong Kong today. However, I am sure sufficient to cause Putin and Russia’s leaders to have concern.

Tonight, my blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Nine my time.

Not sure at the moment what I will be discussing. I decide that this afternoon. However, I guarantee a fast moving and interesting show that you will enjoy.

Join me!

Enjoy your day!


  1. I wonder what the average Chinaman thought about their X-man, Xi, declaring himself President for life? Is it time to knock him off his high horse? Will Hong Kong be the spark that lights the fire of democracy over there?

    • Me thinks the average Chinaman thinks they’re better off with Xi as President for life than they would be in a Democracy with 4 more years of Trump. After all Xi isn’t such an embarrasment.

      • Your ignorance is astounding. I don’t know what they are teaching kids in U.S. schools now, that they would think China is a better place to live than the U.S. Sheer ignorance.

        • Well, their kids are safer in school than our children and they have practically no domestic terrorism anyone has to worry about.

        • Hey Slick, you asked what the average Chinaman thought, then complained when someone answered you directly. Now you change the subject into what American are teaching kids in school.

          Can’t you even keep your Trolling on point? Same old comprehension problems with you, isn’t it.

          • Hilarious. Talk about lack of comprehension skills, that was my first post on this thread. You libs see Patrick in your sleep. Turns out there are more than Patrick who post here. Slick.

  2. So, “Kim is testing low and intermediate missiles. Capable of carrying nuclear war heads.” Another failure of this Trump administration that has us worse off that before he took office.

    When will WE ever learn? Why are we tolerating this guy even a little!

  3. Trump and his minions are creating a new “Amerika”. I think I liked the old one better, even with all of it’s faults.

    • If you think back a decade to the world of finance and investment. They too tried to convince people of a new paradigm that moved away from the time tested principles of valuation. The bubble burst and we are back to reality AND the time tested principles of valuation have returned. The same fate awaits this new “AmeriKa”. Let’s not forget the other two K’s Trump is trying to add, that is most important.

  4. Now Trump is saying Jeffery Epstein got a lot of his young girls from Hilary’s New Jersey pizza parlor pedophile operation.

    • The uproar over Epstein offing himself is quite amusing. Each side felt he was a treasure trove for dirt on the opposition and other powerful people. We will never know what secrets he was holding. People die in prison quite often, by their own hand or the actions of others and no one cares. At the end of the day, politics aside, when all is said and done one less abuser of the young is walking the earth and that isn’t a bad thing.

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