The crossroad is being reached early in the most recent federal case against Trump. The January 6 case venued in Washington, D.C. The one assigned to U.S. District Court Judge Tanya S. Chutkan.

Trump has already been ordered to file responsive papers by 5 today on Special Counsel Jack Smith’s motion for a protective order re discovery to be turned over to Trump. Discovery of persons and proof to be offered at trial. A simple perfunctory motion. Usually granted per forma.

Trump’s actions are turning the motion or what may soon follow into a major situation. Trump’s was admonished by the judge who arraigned him in effect not to try to influence witnesses nor to do anything out of the ordinary.

Not Trump’s way, however. In the past 72 hours alone, he has been beating up witnesses and speaking adversely and disparagingly re Smith and Judge Chutkan.

Such conduct is not acceptable. Not in a case involving Trump alone. It is a no no in all cases. 

There are rules in all federal criminal cases. Rules to be followed by those involved. The prosecution and defense alike. Trump is not special. It is not his courtroom. It is the people’s courtroom. Everyone plays by the same rules.

There is one boss in a courtroom. The judge. Not Smith, not Trump. 

Trump must be made to understand that. It is up to Judge Chuthan to make him  understand.

The most powerful person in the U.S. is a Federal District Court Judge. Even more powerful than a Supreme Court Justice.

It is up to Judge Chutkan to take the bull be the horns and make Trump understand. She can do it and I suspect will do so early on in this matter. She will make him understand if he fails to play by the rules, he will await trial in jail. 

In effect, Judge Chutkan must become a Judge Sirica. He took the Watergate case in hand and look at what happened. How many and who went to jail. There was no screwing around with Sirica in his courtroom.

From what I understand, Chutkan is a tough but fair judge. Just what Trump’s case requires.

The sooner she exercises her power, the sooner this matter will be on a some what normal path to resolution.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Donald and his attorneys are only attempting to persuade HIS base that he’s being railroaded. Maybe also, other ordinary Americans. This is NOT really a free speech issue, as he’s trying to make you think. It is about HIS attempt to overthrow our American Democracy by misusing his mouth and manipulating those around him for his own gain and profit.

    That and intimidation, of not just the judge and jury, but Americans everywhere. Don’t let him and the Republican party fool you. This was (and is) criminal behavior. Along with mazzive doses of bait and switch.

  2. There is almost no way that Donald Trump will NOT be found guilty of the crimes as listed on the various incitements. He likely has no plans to debate those indictments, themselves. His only hope is to try and destroy any credibility of his election subversion (and other) trials.

    It remains to be seen if he has enough MAGA support left to divert these trials into a circus and claim martyr like innocence, based on his alone lies and diversions. His future depends on if he can destroy our justice system trying.

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