Elijah Hogan is a New Orleans high school student who has lived in a homeless shelter since the Fall of 2022. He lived without family in the homeless shelter.

Elijah graduated recently as Valedictorian with a 3.96 GPA.

When he went homeless 2 years ago, he almost dropped out of school. However decided against it.

He has received a full tuition scholarship to Xavier University of Louisiana where he plans to study graphic design and art.

He has created a GoFundMe page to help cover the cost of housing, food and other basic needs. Make a small contribution if you can. Elijah is a winner and should be helped.

Jill Biden and certain family members have been in court for the first two day’s of Hunter’s trial.

Jill sits in the front row in a show of support for Hunter as her son. He is actually her step son. She raised him, however. At one point during a pause in the jury selection monday, she walked over to Hunter, gave him a long hug, then stroked his cheek. His wife Melissa Cohen Biden and his step sister Ashley are also with him.

Respected columnist Maureen Dowd wrote an “exciting” deep piece in yesterday’s New York Times: “The Verdict Is In on the Supreme Court.”

Re the Court, she wrote: “I don’t need a black robe to hand down a judgment on the Supreme Court. It’s corrupt, rotten and hurting America.”

No pussy footing around by Dowd.

She followed the statement with another a few paragraphs later: The Court “is in the hands of a cabal of religious and far-right zealots, including a couple of ethical scofflaws with MGA wives.”

Go Maureen, go!

A 74 year old woman was in hospice in Lincoln, Nebraska. She “died” monday and was sent to a funeral parlor. The funeral director noticed she was breathing. He had her transferred to a hospital immediately. She died tuesday at the hospital.

It happens. 

My first book was The World Upside Down. I recall writing in the book about two such incidents over the years. I’m sure there were more.

Caitlin Clark is getting beat on. Physically and orally. Terrible!

LeBron James had a similar experience when he began. He issued a statement protective of Caitlin. The statement destroys those against her in a few words: “If you don’t rock with Caitlin Clark, you’re just a FLAT OUT HATER.”

Doesn’t seem to be any question about it.

Evidence of crazy weather exists in Texas. Hail! Hail the size of cantaloupes. Some larger than 6 inches in diameter. A photo was run of one in a man’s hand. It was the size of a large grapefruit.

D-Day tomorrow. June 6th!

Almost did not occur on that date. Weather was horrible. Rain consistently. The invasion had already been delayed a couple of days. Could not delay beyond the 6th till a month later. Word came down there would be a 3 hour break in the weather on the 6th. Still not much time. Eisenhower had a heavy decision to make. He said, “We go!”

More about D-Day tomorrow.

Enjoy your day!


  1. This Hunter Biden trial is nothing but a Trumped up show trial in an election year for what amount’s to a glorified misdemeanor offense that has rarely (if ever) been litigated with anyone else. It is just so they can get him in court and ask all kinds of other questions in a effort to smear him and his father during an election cycle.

    One wonders how Trump’s son’s are never treated this way.

    ….and it’s always Republicans who call such things “politically motivated” when ever they are brought up on ANY charges, true or made up.

    I have noticed they have not brought him into court on that phony lap top issue, although I am sure that’ll come up as a smear issue.

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