Henry Kissinger has died at the ripe old age of 100. God bless him! Considered by most to have been a great American. Though there are some that blame him for everything negative which occurred during his years of public service.

Kissinger was Secretary of State under Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford. Served in many other capacities. Called upon by subsequent Presidents for advise. He was considered the dominant U.S. diplomat of the Cold War era.

Under Nixon, he was responsible for the detente with the Soviet Union, the opening of relations with China, and Vietnam decisions. The night before Nixon resigned, Nixon asked Kissinger to kneel and pray with him which he did.

Kissinger was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

Not a very attractive/handsome man, he was considered a Washington playboy during the years between his two marriages. Feminist Gloria Steinem claimed, “He was the only interesting man in the Nixon administration.”

Kissinger’s second wife responded to his playboy reputation: “Henry’s so square. He’s always been square.”

I have been privileged to meet many persons in my lifetime. I did meet Kissinger once. Developed no relationship with him. Merely a passing introduction. My cousin Lois had an apartment in the large condominium building north of the U.N. Built similarly to the the U.N. structure. Tall and rectangular.

The building had only 2 apartments per floor.  The elevator opened and one was to the right, the other to the left. I was waiting for the elevator with cousin Lois when her next door neighbor walked out to wait also. It was Henry Kissinger. Appropriate introductions were made. We rode down together.

I was more impressed that cousin Lois lived next door to Kissinger than meeting Kissinger himself.

Today’s podcast goes back about 5 years. Humorous rather than political. The podcast fitting for an old geezer such as myself.



The gag order imposed on Trump in the New York civil fraud case had been stayed while on appeal. The stay has been lifted by an appellate judge. The stay prohibited Trump from adversely commenting re Judge Engoron, his family, and his staff.

Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee voted yesterday to subpoena conservatist legal activists Leonard Leo and Harlen Crow. The two provided Justice Thomas with many of the “extras” while he has been on the bench. Trips, investments, etc.

About time someone decided to look into the matter. The Supreme Court is self-governing and obviously was not doing it.

The Republicans on the Judiciary were furious and stormed out of the meeting.

Rosa Parks is a significant name in the race tensions which have afflicted our Nation seemingly forever. On this day in 1955, she refused to move to the back of the bus in Montgomery, Alabama. She ignited the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

Henry Ford initiated a major move/change in manufacturing this day in 1908. He began using a moving assembly line to produce Ford automobiles. What took 12 hours was reduced to 1 hour 33 minutes.

The man was a genius!

Toilet paper in the refrigerator. Charmin was suggested.

It has been reported that a roll of toilet paper in the refrigerator acts like Baking Soda. Absorbs smelly odors. The roll good for 3 weeks.

Trump again. On a nutty kick. The man has a twisted tongue as well as a twisted mind.

Trump has called for the arrest of Capitol Police officers who were defending the West Terrace tunnel on January 6. He claims they “beat the hell out of January 6 protestors…..the protesters should be freed.”

Trump was “effectively” the leader of the insurrectionist movement on January 6. What else would we  expect of him? My only thought is why did it take so long for him to come up with this position?

Francis Scott Key recognized and revered for penning what became The Star Spangled Banner. He did so from a British ship at the beginning of the War of 1812.

A Montgomery County middle school is named after him. An issue has arisen. A controversy. It has recently been discovered he was a slave owner. The cry by some is for the school’s name to be changed.

I disagree as I have in the past with things of this nature. Slaves were wealth back then. Most if not all persons of wealth had slaves. George Washington did. Such was history at the time. Stop trying to change it!

Naziism is on the rise in the U.S. Anti-Nazis protesting everywhere. What can be more despicable that Naziism? I say arrest and strip these Nazi protesters of their jobs, etc. However they are protected by Freedom of Speech. A speech that seeks to destroy our democracy. No one asks if Freedom of Speech goes that far. No freedom is absolute.

Our concerns are convoluted. Inconsistent.

Enjoy your day!

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