Island living can’t be beat. Especially if the island is Key West!

This summer has been exceptional. The weather outstanding. Tourists many. Everyone happy. If there is a negative, it is the humidity. A bit heavy. To be expected. You get use to it after a while, however. Requires an extra shower most days.

Roostica celebrated its third anniversary monday. How quickly time moves. Seems the restaurant opened only yesterday.

Bobby Mongelli presently owns three Stock Island eateries. Roostica, Hogfish and Geiger Key. Rumor has it that he is contemplating a fourth on Stock Island.

I enjoyed dinner at Roostica last night. Ran into some bocce fans. They do not play. However show up every thursday evening to cheer teams on.

The new bocce season begins tomorrow night. Going to be interesting. We will be short staffed. People away. Only 5 players expected. I may have to play three games. I have not in years.

I spent yesterday afternoon fine tuning last night’s blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou.

The show was limited to police incidents. Ferguson motivated. Sunday was one year since the Michael Brown shooting. Followed up Ferguson with several recent police incidents. Ended the show analyzing possible solutions.

Ferguson this year was marred with another shooting. Tyrone Harris.

My concern is with Oath Keepers. A citizen’s military group. Comprised of present and former military and law enforcement persons. A vigilante type group. Wearing military fatigues and carrying weapons.

They were all over Ferguson. The police did not interact with them. Local police were waiting for instructions from upstairs which never came.

Keep your eye on Oath Keepers. A bad situation developing. They are a law unto themselves.

Key West in recent months has had several changes suggested/under consideration. The most recent a proposed $115,000 study to see what could be done to improve Duval Street.

Turns out these recent ideas are the brain child of Thaddeus Cohen. Cohen is Key West’s new Planning Director. He has been on the job less than four months.

Cohen’s approach to the job appears to be too much too soon. Change for the sake of change is not wise. If something works, leave it alone. Do not waste money on studies Key West can ill afford. It has recently been advised Key West taxes will go up significantly as a result of the new budget..

Freedom of the press is being abused. The media is ignoring Bernie Sanders. He is bringing out crowds in the thousands. Little is reported. It gives one the feeling the media has decided who the players should be and are intentionally ignoring an upstart such as Sanders.

Trump, an upstart also, is getting great media play on the other hand.

It is wrong for the media to pick and choose candidates for us.

I am on in my years. A life time of living makes for a big experience factor. I have learned all that glitters is not gold.

China based stocks on U.S. exchanges had been doing well till recently. Extremely well. I gave serious consideration to investing in some. Glad I did not. The Chinese stocks have fallen dramatically since mid June.

Enjoy your day!




  1. The vigilante groups are the professional agitators that show up to provoke race riots. They are funded by George Soros. Look it up. These agitators are on the soros payroll have been in ferguson, Baltimore and everywhere else they seek to cause trouble. Yet you worry about the oath keepers? You worry about Bernie sanders being heard, but he gets shouted down by “black lives matter” also funded by George soros. I wonder why Soros hates this country so much, as it gave him safety from the Nazis and enabled him to become a billionaire. I will never under stand the liberal mind. Completely illogical.

    • I personally am concerned about any vigilantes armed with assault rifles anywhere. Where they trained? Why an assault weapon in a US town? I understand personal protection but we have the seeds of open civil war all around us. From idiot rioters and looters in Ferguson brandishing handguns like fools and firing off rounds to oath keeper shock troops. Not a great sign for the unity of the USA.

      Way too many Rambo reruns. Our last Civil War killed 620,000 soldiers plus hundreds of thousands of civilians, slaves and whoever. Not a great time. We had best get our ego-drive armed idiots under control.

  2. Oath keepers were in Ferguson a year ago, didn’t hear much from them then. Assault weapons, I doubt they would have assault rifles with them. Maybe they’ll have small caliber semi-auto rifles with them.
    Not much has changed in Ferguson [ didn’t expect anything to change] except the person shot this time did have a stolen handgun that he used against the police and is in the hospital recovering for his efforts.

    Bernie Sanders is getting a lot of attention from the news agencies I read and watch. He’s now way ahead of Hillary. I wonder what this country is coming to when a Socialist and a Marxist are the two on the Democratic ticket.

  3. The AR-15s the Army issued us were considered assault rifles as they could used in both modes. We all know when Eugene sold the rights it became the M-16.
    To me, AR-15s for public consumption are just another semi-auto that looks like an ‘assault’ weapon. It would be illegal for them to carry a real assault weapon.
    Anyone can take a little .22 rimfire plinker and make it look like an ‘assault’ weapon.
    Am I a fan of the Oath Keepers being armed in Ferguson ? No. But, Ferguson needs to handle this situation better than they did before.
    People need to get it thru their heads that ‘hands up, don’t shoot’ never happened. The good officer was attacked by a huge thug proven by statements and DNA. If our AG could have filed charges he certainly would have.
    Black lives matter. Thats bull. All lives matter, including Blue.

    • Agree with everything you said Patrick, especially All Lives Matter as when an officer is mowed down where is the outcry, the protests?

      As for the AR-15. The older versions (pre-1986) could be full auto and can still be owned, bought and sold. Who knows if the Oath Keeper fools would shell out the bucks for one. In any event, even a semi-auto assault rifle in the hands of noobs is a very bad idea.

  4. Well, yes. About any semi can be turned into an auto with out much work. And I agree that any gun in the hands of a noob is a very bad idea.
    Well, gotta go finish drinking the ‘prep’. Having the ‘procedure’ in the morning. That sure is no after dinner drink !

    • OH I know what you mean, the cocktail from Hell for sure. But the alternative is no choice. Best of luck with it. Have a real cocktail when your done.

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