My birthday today. Eighty six years old.


I’ve thought much this past week about this day. Fortunate to still be alive. My mind is sharp. My body has problems, however. I feel like an automobile that is many years old, but still runs. It has frequent mechanical problems. Corrected by a visit to a mechanic. I hope the medical profession can continue to treat my problems.

In spite of my many problems, the doctors all think I might make it to 100. They are not being generous. The body may be breaking down. However as indicated, all correctable thus far.

Genetics on my side. My father’s Dad made it to 94. My Father to 98. His sister to 102.

One thing does stand out. The years are getting shorter. Guess it is something that becomes noticeable to everyone as the years add up.

Elsa. She is is here. Finally made it to Key West. Heavy rain since about 7 this morning. Thirty to forty mph hour winds.

The night was quiet. I kept waking thinking I would hear the wind gusts and rain. Never happened. Thought perhaps Key West had avoided Elsa.

Not so. Not badly, however. The Elsa’s eastern side seems to have brushed Key West.

Elsa moved to the west of Key West out into the Gulf. Somewhere in mid Florida it will cut back into land, travel northeast over Florida and then up the Atlantic coast.

Today is tuesday. My blog talk radio show tonight. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. I will not be doing it. A concession to my birthday. Means I can screw off all afternoon during the time I normally would be preparing the show.

My plan was to treat myself to a birthday dinner at one of Key West’s better restaurants tonight. Probably will not happen. If the rain and wind keep up, I will remain home.

The Happy birthday e-mails have been coming in. Jean Thornton just called. I thank one and all who have taken the time to remember me.

Enjoy my birthday!


  1. Happy 86th Birthday, Louis!! Glad you made it this far and hopefully will be here in 2031 to regale us with your stories and opinions on the happenings of the world. Cheers to you!

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