Boog Powell is 82 today. Happy birthday Boog!

One of professional baseball’s greats! Spent most of his career with the Baltimore Orioles playing first base where he helped win 4 American League pennants and 2 World Series championships. His 17 year career found him posting a .266 batting average, 339 home runs, and 1187 RBI’s. He was the American League Most Valuable Player in 1970. He hit 3 home runs in a game 3 times.

Boog moved to Key West with his family when he was 15. Still lives in Key West. His home in Key Haven. Graduated Key West High School in 1959. Led his high school team to two State Championships in 1958 and 1959.

He got the nickname “Boog” from his father. In the South, kids who often got into mischief were called “buggers.” Pronounced “boogers.”  His Dad shortened it to Boog.

I met Boog only one time. A good 25-30 years ago. I played golf. Was the worst. A 35 handicap. Someone asked me to join a group that teed off at sunrise mornings. Getting up that early did not turn me on. But, I went.

Everyone plays for money in Key West. Handicaps apply. Met Boog. He was in charge of things. He viewed me with great skepticism when I told him my handicap was 35. I told him I would live up to my handicap when he saw me play. I got my strokes!

I never played better than I did that day! I played like Boog must have when he hit 3 home runs in one game. I outshot everyone. Won probably $20.


Boog was upset. Made me feel like I had conned everyone. Made me assure him I would return the next day to give the guys a chance to win their money back.

I did not return. I would have been glad to lose to them. It was just too early for me to get up two consecutive days in a row.

I have never seen Boog since, even though I lived two blocks from him in Key Haven for 23 years. No reason, we just never ran into each other.

Boog, I wish you well on your 82nd birthday. I just turned 88. It doesn’t get any easier. Just take each day and enjoy. God has rewarded you with a long life for all the joy and happiness you brought to so many baseball fans and for the good guy you have always been.

The Florida Department of Health in Monroe County urges residents to drink plenty of water, avoid excessive consumption of caffeine and alcohol, and spend time in air conditioning. As to clothes, loose fitting, light colored and wear a hat.

The light colored clothing interesting. Makes sense. My entire life has been wear white or light where the sun is concerned. Yet the many times I have been to Greece, one of the things that made me wonder was the color of the clothing Greek island people wore in the heat of summer. Black. Yes, black. Men and women alike.

I asked several people why as I was curious. Totally contrary to what Americans believe. The explanation had something to do with black absorbing heat from the body as well as the sun. Add to it island winds and time had taught the Greeks that black was the better choice.

Modern day science has also established that darker colors absorb UV rays thereby protecting a person’s skin.

COVID is on the upswing. Some people have returned to mask wearing. States on the rise fastest are Mississippi and Louisiana.

Florida is experiencing the upswing also. Somewhere between 20-40 percent.

However, there is no sign we are heading for anything big. Nevertheless, the upswing is there. Exercise caution.

Winn-Dixie to become Aldi. Aldi is buying Winn-Dixie stores in the Keys and southern U.S.

Dengue fever on the rise. Mosquito caused. Thank God we have a mosquito control board in the lower Keys. One which does an effective job.

So far the whole Florida Keys have reported 10 cases this year. Though the number is small, it is of concern since all of last year there were only 2 cases reported.

Global warming is attributed as the cause of dengue record highs this year world wide. The year 2022 found 4.2 million cases. A record historical high.

A rule to relieve stress: Rule #1 is, don’t sweat the small stuff. Rule #2 is, it’s all small stuff.

Have to hustle. A haircut at noon.

Enjoy your day!


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