A windless Monday morning. Bright sky. Few clouds. Mirror looking water.

I could not wait for Meet the Press to come on yesterday morning. I anticipated the show  would be devoted to Paul Ryan. It was.

Ryan is starting with a  bang. To be expected. He is the new kid on the block. The new flavor of ice cream.

It is a long way to election day. Let us see how he holds up.

Sloan spent a couple of hours with me. There are people who understand computers, printers, cell phones, and the like. Everything simple to them. Sloan is one of those people. I on the other hand am an illiterate when it comes to machinery. I need a Sloan.

Sport TV watching was top shelf yesterday morning and into the early evening.

The finals of Olympic basketball. Great basketball! Le Bran James looked terrific in the last two minutes in leading the USA to victory.

I was flipping channels throughout the game. The PGA was on another channel.

Rory McIlroy was the best of the best in winning. Tiger Woods still could not make it. Goes into the final day tied for the lead and ends up either seventh or eleventh. I doubt Woods will ever return to his former playing ability. He lost whatever is required to be a constant winner when the wife episode occurred. He has paid a heavy price for his meanderings in many ways.

I published another article on Amazon Kindle yesterday. The title: Cockfighting. A sport of the ancients, some Presidents, and some  back mangrove florida keys residents.

Stopped into the Chart Room last night. Quiet. One drink and I was gone.

Dinner at the Hot Tin Roof. The restaurant was basically empty when I arrived. Joseph greeted me. I was told Saturday night was big. Just like in season.

Before I finished dinner, the place was packed. Small and big parties alike. Sunday turned out to be a good business evening also.

When I got in the car to return home, there was a terrible stink. Like a dead animal. It went away after a few blocks of driving. It returned when I turned the car off in the garage. A terrible smell!

I looked under the car. Nothing. Looked under the hood. Nothing. Looked in the trunk. Something. A sick package of cheese. Oh, the smell! It must have fallen out of one of the grocery bags when I shopped a couple of weeks ago and fermented in the hot trunk since then.

I threw it in the garbage bin in the garage. No good. Still stunk. In fact, the whole garage was bad. I finally took the garbage bag out to the street. Garbage pick up was this morning. I feel sorry for the garbage man. The pick up was riper than usual.

The morning news reports that Egypt’s President Mohamed Mursi has fired or caused to resign some top generals. Apparently the younger officers are supporting the President.

The move is unquestionably a coup. The military have been the actual rulers for sixty years. Even under Mubarack.

Is Mursi’s move good for Egypt and the rest of the world? Definitely not.

Mursi is an Islamist. A memeber of the Muslim Brotherhood. A supporter of the radical Muslim clergy.

Not nice people.

Recall that during the uprising several months ago, women  were in the forefront. Not today. They are not any significant part of the new government. Women are women under Muslim rule. They sit in the back seat of the bus. The new government they helped into power has turned its back on them.

The United States supported the overthrow of Mubarack. Our friend of 40 years. An Arab supporter of Israel. A mistake. In the future, we should not be so quick to support revolution in the name of democracy when a true friend is under siege. The United States turned its back on Mubarack as the new Islamic radical government has turned its back on women.

The new rulers of Egypt are bad people. I do not believe the generals will go quietly into the night. Time will tell.

Enjoy your day!


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