Reunited with Bob and Helen after 20 years. Good friends long ago. Still friends. I was best man at their wedding 30 years ago.

We hugged and talked. Talked endlessly during lunch at Louie’s Backyard. It was as if we had last seen each other the day before.

An emotional meeting for me.

They are on a Viking cruise. One day in Key West. Several in Cuba. Both anxious to see Cuba.

The three of us are anxious to see each other again. Before we move on to that place in the sky.

Hurried home following lunch to watch the Syracuse/Kansas game. Syracuse lost 76-60.

The game was fine the first 10 minutes for Syracuse. Then it was Kansas. Syracuse’s problem is the team is not seasoned. They have not played together enough. Syracuse generally moved the ball well. Could not shoot, however. The ball was not finding the basket.

I have not given up on the season. Never give up on a Syracuse basketball team and Jim Boeheim.

Missed the Christmas Parade. Thought I would. I was comfortable lying around the house.

Don’s Place made the playoffs. The playoffs yesterday. Only 3 Don’s Place players showed up. Need 4 to play. Several out of town. Arrangements made for a team that had not made the playoffs to move up and play.

Game plan for today is the Gardens and Handel’s Messiah. Two separate events, two different locations.

Parking a problem for Handel’s Messiah. I probably will miss the Gardens.

Handel’s Messiah has been performed for more than 30 years at the United Methodist Church on Eaton and Simonton. The Church’s Chancel Choir performs together with musicians who come in from the middle and lower Keys. They practice for three hours beginning at 2. The show begins at 7.

Admission free.

I have never attended this holiday musical event. It is time.

Irma was the first instance I had the opportunity to view FEMA in operation up close. Their performance left/leaves me absolutely impressed!

An example. It has been announced that FEMA is hiring local residents to assist with the Irma recovery. Jobs! Much needed. Many Irma victims still without work. Their places of employment not yet operating.

Pedophiles are society’s worst. Adults who prey on children.

Some get caught and are prosecuted. Then there are those like Alabama’s Moore who are never arrested.

A New Jersey Regional Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force exists. In a sting referred to as Operation Safety Net, the Task Force caught 79 of the predators last week. Deviates pursuing children as young as 4.

Included in those arrested were a police officer, postal worker, and teacher. The Task Force arrested at least one person in every county in New Jersey, as well as persons from outside New Jersey.

Justice performing at its best!

Slavery caused Lincoln to say in 1858 that “…..a house divided against itself cannot stand.” We are a house divided today. Never in all my years have I seen two sides so opposed.

Do not forget Irma and Me. Available for purchase on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and KoboBooks. The only Irma book written.

Enjoy your Sunday!


7 comments on “GREAT REUNION

  1. So, are we convicting Judge Moore ? Since he has continually denied any wrong doing, I’m still of the mind that in this country one is presumed innocent until proven guilty. To my mind that includes him.
    If he is proven innocent then he should be able to ‘get even’ with his accusers. If he is proven guilty then I wouldn’t mind seeing him hanged in the public square. The ‘system’ should be allowed to work as intended.

  2. Patrick – you do know that Judge Moore has not yet been charged with any crime, right? Hard to convict someone not yet charged. He has every right to deny his innocence, as the general public has every right to deem him guilty. It doesn’t look like he’s in any jeopardy of being hanged in the town square, so why are you so invested in acting so pseudo fairly for this person. If you have skin in this game, let’s hear it. If not why not call for his arrest and trial and let us all see if he’s innocent or not!

  3. Oh my gosh, just more reading comprehension issues. I can’t believe I respond. The public should not deem him guilty. They may have the right to just as they have the right to be wrong.
    I’m one that happens to believe he should be treated fairly until proven guilty. My comments were to show that I could care less about the verdict, if it comes to that. To basically repeat myself which unfortunately seems necessary, The man seems to already be judged as guilty by some.

  4. Patrick – You express “comprehension” as something you actually understand, but explain things in a way where your comprehension of anything is only when you agree with it, or if it makes sense to just your way of thinking.

    Your feelings about Judge Moore seem creepy, given the circumstances of even just the prima facie evidence, and your “fairness” defense of him seems only to apply to him and no one else. I think the world would benefit if you didn’t think of yourself as the “prince of fairness.” I also think your biases and transparent agendas alone, keeps you from ever really understanding most issues, particularly political issues.

  5. I am glad to see you two back at it! A little discourse and disagreement if healthy as nobody is always right or correct, except I guess Trump who is infallible and the best thing since “sliced bread.”

  6. I’m not sure just who thinks Mr Trump is as you mentioned, but, I’m sure there are some.
    Disagreement is fine as long as it is handled correctly.

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