On this day in 1931, Kate Smith made her debut on CBS Radio. The event coincided with her 24th birthday.

You have not heard God Bless America sung till you hear Kate Smith sing it. Search the internet, TV programming, etc. to find it.

Uplifting! It carried us through World War II.

Eighteen yeas ago yesterday was a big day in Jean Thornton’s life.

She was diving off Mel Fisher’s boat. As she was finishing her dive, she saw something out of the corner of her eye. She swam over. It was a good sized emerald.

She also found some gold coins.

All from the Atocha area where Fisher had found hundreds of millions of dollars in treasure several years before.

Jean was a school teacher from Indiana. She quit her job. She and husband Joe bought a condo in Truman Annex. Their home is in Birmingham.

Jean spends a lot of time in Key West. Months each year.

As a result of her discovery, she is known as the Golden Girl.

One of her favorite places is the Chart Room. That is where we met many years ago.

I love Jean. Everyone loves Jean.

People protesting a growing event. People who are upset with the coronavirus restrictions imposed upon them. Especially the stay at home one.

It was Michigan last week. It was Michigan again yesterday. Chicago today.

Lansing is the Capitol of Michigan. They were back at the Capitol protesting yesterday. Inside and out.

I believe these protests across the country in recent weeks are the work of and financed by ultra right wing Republican groups. Their goal to upset government as we have known it. Replace it with chaos. Thereby providing them the opportunity to exert more influence and make more money.

Setting my concern aside, there is another.

Some of the Lansing protesters were armed. Their guns weapons of war.

The protesters made their way into the Capitol Building. The Michigan House of Representatives was in session. The armed protesters entered the balcony above the Chamber floor. They walked around carrying their weapons.

For some idiotic reason, visitors are permitted to carry in the Capitol building.

Intimidation? Provoke fear? You better believe it!

Lets take the scenario a step further. Suppose one of the armed protesters decides to shoot down on the Representatives below. A massacre.

A senseless act.

The face of America would change.

Trump was asked about the Michigan protesters last night. He said, They “are very good people” The Governor should “make a deal with them.”

These protests are not freedom of speech issues. Nor religious and economic ones. The issue is public health. Pure and simple.

Trump can be a horse’s ass on occasion. Bodies are piling up in New York City. No money to bury them.

FEMA has a provision that permits it to pay for burials in disaster situations. Like the coronavirus epidemic. Such not automatic, however. The President must approve.

Trump refuses to approve.

At the moment, there are 4 large U-Hauls sitting outside a Brooklyn funeral home. Bodies of coronavirus victims inside.

Trump wonders why his popularity numbers are gong down. This is an example of why.

Some things stay with a person for life. Something said, something done. Trump’s disinfectant comment one.

The Washington Post’s Dana Millbank in a recent column discussed Trump’s comment. His article titled: “Inject bleach? Trump Must Have OD’d on Hydroxychloroquine.”

Love it!

Trump may go down as the worst President in U.S. history. Barr is close behind and will be labeled the worst Attorney General in U.S. history.

This week Barr directed U.S. prosecutors to safeguard civil liberties of those protesting against State imposed pandemic orders. He signaled Justice Department support for lock down protesters by highlighting religious and economic rights.

As stated earlier, I do not see it that way. The issue is neither religious nor economic. It’s public health, stupid! The “stupid” added by me for emphasis.

The Key West police found a little boy wandering around alone last night. The boy’s picture was taken.He appeared to be 3-4 years old.

His picture was placed on Facebook. Within one hour, his parents showed up.

The matter is under investigation.

The Annual Hemingway Look-Alike Contest was scheduled for 7/23-7/25. In brings to Key West each year in excess of 100 Hemingway Look-Alikes. Everywhere one walks on those days, there is a Hemingway or two to be seen.

Not this year.

The event has been canceled due to the coronavirus crisis. It was decided the men participating are all in their senior years. Most, very senior. The competition would be too much of a risk.

Key West is opening “a little” come monday. Restaurants and retail stores.

Capacity limited to 25 percent at any time. Other restrictions apply.

I am curious as to how it will work out. Tourists are the money makers for Key West business establishments. There are no tourists presently in Key West.

I have been proud of our County and Key West officials to date. They have been hard ass in lifting restrictions. Even opposing some Governor suggestions.

Some locals may enjoy the restaurants. It worries me. Our numbers re Covid-19 affliction have been good. This is not the time to screw up!

People forget. Coronavris deaths March 1 were less than 100 nationally. Today, 2 months later, in excess of 60,00o. The virus moves fast!

May Johnson’s diary for this day 1896 not encouraging re May’s health. She has been confined to bed for almost 2 weeks with chills, etc. If it were today, they would think she had coronavirus or the flu. Or, the doctors may even have cured her by now.

Poor May wrote in her diary for today: “Commenced 6 o’clock to take quinine to ward off chill, took 2 capsules at 6, 8 and 10, they nearly killed me. I wrenched and vomited till I thought I should die. MY TERRIBLE DAY OF SUFFERING.”

Enjoy your day!

21 comments on “GOD BLESS AMERICA

  1. They did check the armed “protestors” in Lansing to be sure their weapons were unloaded. Still disgraceful. Unfortunately Michigan is an open carry state.

  2. Dear Lou,
    You and I agree on most stuff, but you may not agree with me on this one:
    1. Every adult in America has learned of COVID-19 and knows its dangers.
    2. Every adult should decide for themselves what risks they are willing to take.
    3. All businesses, beaches, etc should be allowed to reopen… at their own peril.
    4. All adults should be allowed to go about their business as they wish… at their own peril.
    5. All schools K-12 should remain closed. Kids are not old enough to make such decisions for themselves. Stupid parents should not be allowed to send them to school.

    It’s time to allow adult Americans to make decisions for themselves. If they choose to be stupid, then they do so at their own peril.

    Your friend,

    Kokomo Man

    • Respectively KoKomo Man, I think that’s a recipe for disaster. Irresponsibly naive and dangerous.

      How about this, only you allowed to decide which parents are ‘stupid’ or would it be all right if I dad that?

      The problem is what truly stupid do is not always just at their own peril. Have you shopped at a Walmart recently (or ever)?

      Would you also suggest that we remove stop signs and traffic signals, as*uming everyone will drive “sensibly.”

      I am surprised at you, your posts in the past have seemed reasonable. Now you seem more like “CooCooMan”

    • I am a nurse at a big hospital here in Tampa. Our biggest worry is having enough beds to treat a first responder (fireman, etc.) should one come to our door with a broken ankle, or worse. The idea that each take responsibility for his own peril doesn’t exist in reality, only in peoples dreams. We let this problem get out of control, for ANY reason, we’re ALL screwed.+

    • I hope so and now isn’t the time to fool around with trying to “Fix Stupid” or even joking about it. Try hunkering down to save yourself when all the cops are dead and no one left to enforce or even administer Marshall Law. Entire villages can be wiped out with a deadly pandemic, as in Yellow fever and malaria have done in the past and Ebola nearly has in some African Nations. This is not something that can be left to “Stupid” people to grow and grow until it CAN’T be stopped.

      No, it is NOT time to let people make decisions for themselves. What on earth makes you think that?

      • No… not completely joking. I don’t think big brother should legislate how people behave. For example:
        Florida does not have a helmet law for motorcyclists. It’s stupid to ride without a helmet, but people are allowed to be stupid.

        No one is going to force shops, bars, and restaurants to open. That would be up to the individual. Everyone could choose to stay at home or not.

        Let’s bring this closer to home with the Chart Room as an example. If Big Brother got out of the way:
        1. The owner of the Chart Room could decide to open or not… make money vs. potential lawsuit for willful negligence.
        2. If the owner did decide to open the Chart Room, the bartenders would have to decide if they wanted to work or not. No one would hold a gun to their head. It would be their free choice.
        3. If the Chart Room was open and if there was a bartender, then you and I could choose to go there or not.

        Lastly… if not today… then when? next week? next month? next year? The same risks will be present then too. How long do you want to wait?

        COVID-19 is not going away any time soon. There is no effective treatment, nor vaccine, nor will there be in the next months. It’s optimistic “pie in the sky” to think otherwise.

        Any effective vaccines won’t be available until next year. And any of the emerging treatments are at best aids but are a long way from being cures. So far, any of these treatments do not stop the risk of severe illness or death.

        So I ask again… how long do you want Big Brother controlling this… especially when Trump is heading up things.

        Kokomo Man

        • Wouldn’t it be great if stupid people could just magically stop being stupid? Until that happens I’d say some smart people need to help them figure out what is right and appropriate.

          Not saying all our politicians are smart, no, not at all. But to let the stupid people do whatever their stupid minds come up with seriously puts the rest of us in peril. (Trump a prime example.)

          Your example of motorcycle riders not wearing helmets is a good one except that the result of that stupidity usually only affects the rider without the helmet. Not totally, but mostly.

          • It also unfortunately affects the doctor, or the cop or whoever that has to tell someone daddy isn’t coming home anymore. And the street cleaner who has to take time out of his life to hose down the blood and repair the curb where that persons skull hit and took out a chunk. Or the person who lives in the house near the curb where it all happened who can’t get the sound of that man dying or the visions of him lying there in a pool of blood.

            That person without a helmet damages a lot of people beyond himself and anyone who thinks otherwise is not just naive, but stupid too.

        • I think you are naive beyond reasonable. American’s aren’t as conscientious or responsible as you are suggesting (Son of Sam), comes to mind and it’s only going to take one loonie, with the virus who decides he or she is going to make a name for himself, as it did during the Aids crisis several years ago. No, we can’t stay locked down and quariantined for ever, but suggesting we should abandon all precautions because YOU think people are “capable of deciding for themselves what risks they are willing to take” is naive and protend’s disaster. We need to do this carefully and with thought and reasonable restraints where necessary.

          Besides we have ample data that the time isn’t right yet. Let’s take Sweden as an example, they have a limited lockdown policy. Here is a country many are suggesting is doing it right with a nearly open policy and only a few restraints. Yet as late as yesterday some, Including Bloomberg, is reporting that they have one of the highest death rates amongst it’s neighbors who have more restrictive policies and this with already greater restrictions that all of our openings are enacting and NO attitude that they believer their citizens no best how to handle this mysterious malady.

          I think that although we might need to develop a way and means out of our lockdown, you are wrong with your idea that is akin to letting children play with sharp knives. Get a grip kokomoman and let’s do this right.

  3. I read now where Tara Reade, the girl who has accused Joe Biden of Sexual azzault 25 tears ago ,has been holding out and negotiating for the big bucks and just the right moment to go on FOX news with her story. Apparently she’s doing it alone without a lawyer to avoid his/her cut in the proceeds. Getting hard to take her seriously.

  4. After picking up his time sanative cargo at the hospital in
    Bangor, Maine two days ago the undertaker headed back north on the interstate for a three hour drive north, it was just after 9 PM. Just as he got on to the interstate he was pulled over by a State Trouper. As the undertaker handed his paper work to the Trouper he stated that he could not have been speeding as he had just gotten on the interstate. The trooper stated he stopping him for a curfew violation of the 9 PM. curfew, the virus curfew!
    The governor of Maine, of the sane party and sex as that of Michigan, Has placed some tight rules on the folks in Maine,
    A State with the largest gun registration per capital.
    Here is one of the rules–You need a guide with you when you go out in your boat.

    • That’s just Sandy being stupid again, thinking he’s clever by making no sense. All’s he really want’s to do is mess with Lou’s readers, hoping one day, one day to be taken seriously and admired. Doesn’t know that train has left the station and everybody is really only laugting at him.

      • hate thats what sandy feet hates a lot of things especially women and is always willing to create stories to prove it.

    • I do not know but the press showed it in photos and in the write up. Why do you need a Maine Guide in your personal boat? Do you think each waterman in Monroe Co needs a State guide with her or him?

      • Typically evasive and nearly incomprehensible answers to unasked questions from a known troll who likes to post superfluous and provocative arguments just to start arguments.

  5. Looks like Trump wants to fight with China over cov19, obviously to divert attention away from his own ineptitude and to look tough to his base in an election year.

  6. The elite Maryland private school attended by Donald Trump’s son Barron is collecting taxpayer stimulus aid and has no plans to return the money.

    Makes the fuss over money awarded to Harvard look trivial.

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