America lost another great leader from yesteryear. George McGovern. A bomber pilot in World War II, a United States Senator from South Dakota, the Democratic Party’s Presidential candidate in 1972.

Nixon buried McGovern in the election. Nixon’s VP candidate was George Agnew. Both Nixon and Agnew resigned during their terms in office.

Watergate was still in its early stages of discovery. McGovern sensed the impropriety. He tried to make it part of his campaign. America was not ready at the time to believe it.

May he rest in peace.

A great Sunday morning! Sun bright. A stiff breeze. Water moving at a good clip. Scattered clouds.

In spite of the preceding, it will rain today. Guaranteed. This is Key West’s rainy season.

I walked Duval yersterday. Tons of tourists. The beginning of Fantasy Fest. A costume here and there. Mostly pirates.

Sloan came over at 4. We worked a couple of hours.

Dinner at Outback last night. Then the movies. Argo. A good movie. Tense. Kept me on the edge of my seat through out. Deals with Iran back in 1979. George Clooney one of the producers.

I sometimes wonder how readers react to the length of this blog. Yesterday was almost 1,000 words. Today a little more than 200. I write of my previous day’s experiences. If I did a lot, I have much to share. A quiet day with minimal activity results in a short blog. Yesterday was a quiet day.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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