A CNN headline this morning: India Sets COVID-19 Infection Record For Fourth Straight Day With Hospitals Desperate For Oxygen.

What a way to die!

The India situation so bad the crematoriums are unable to handle the bodies.

What more proof do the non believers require to recognize the virus is real? Perhaps the experience itself might awaken them if they were gasping for breath. Not die. Merely share a similar experience as those who are dying.

Not all police officers can be bad. There are no absolutes. There is some form of good in every group.

Visualize the bad apple cop in the barrel. One to a barrel. Yet not that way. With all the shootings and deaths, there has to be a number of bad cops. More than one in a barrel. Tough demented guys.

Cops get bad news on a regular basis. Deservedly so. Note however there are some good police officers. There stories may not get out because the bad deeds overwhelm the good.

Back in the 1960s and 1970s, police departments across the nation functioned under an Officer Friendly Program. Today no more, except in unique situations.

This story isn’t about an Officer Friendly. Rather is about a friendly officer. His name Donald Rizer. A Sheriff’s Deputy in Hillsborough County, Florida.

His department had received a motorcycle safety grant. He was out seeking motorcycles and/or drivers not operating properly. He pulled over a motorcyclist for an illegal exhaust. A young man.

Rizer’s body cam was operating at all times.

Rizer asked the person if he was ok. He responded in a shakey voice, “I had a terrible experience last week. Riger responded, “We’ll talk about it. You’re not going to get a ticket.”

“I saw my friend die in front of me.”

They talked. Rizer calmed the young fellow down. Advised him to keep focused on the road.

Rizer wrote up a warning about the exhaust pipe, however. He provided the warning and a safety list. In addition and the point of this story, Rizer wrote his personal cell phone number and gave it to the cyclist with the admonition, “If you ever need to talk.”

The young man, “You’re the first person I can actually talk to.”

Bottom line: Not all police officers are bad. Concededly too many. More like Rizer needed.

Rizer was interviewed the next day. He said, “The biggest tool in anybody’s belt is in my opinion your ears. The ability to listen, let someone speak.”

Mae West is suddenly in my life!

Recall I wrote about her a few days ago. Her first movie She Done Him Wrong. Cary Grant her co-star. The dialogue raunchy.

Turned on the TV upon waking this morning. It was on one of the movie channels. Lo and behold, there was Mae West. I had caught the last few minute of the movie.

In the scene was a shifty looking character. Spoke not. Looked like the villain in silent films. Thin mustache and beady eyes.

Looked like John Wayne to me. It was.

He apparently was a nobody in the film. Mentioned rarely in reviews of the movie.

The year was 1933 and Wayne had not yet achieved stardom. It took him another five yeas and Stagecoach.

The dialogue primarily uttered by Mae West. Doubt it would fly under today’s movie restrictions. Pre-Code anything was proper.

Her lines sexy. Very sexy. Racy dialogue turned into innuendo and double entendre.

I learned in my quick research that although the movie had two of the greatest screenwriters of the day, it was Mae West who revised and rewrote the script to include the dialogue she wanted.

Recall she was paid by Paramount $5,000 a week. She could write and say anything she wanted!

Matt Gaetz. What goes around, comes around. He bad mouthed so many people. He stands alone today. No “friends” running to support him.

The purported incident with a 17 year old girl has blossomed into all sorts of inquiries. None good.

One which recently came out involves a 2018 Bermuda trip to the Bahamas with several young women. The implication suggests the ladies were paid for.

There is a further news report suggesting the trip was part of an effort to illegally influence Gaetz with regard to medical marijuana.

If there is truth to any of the allegations, Gaetz has a troubled road before him.

I seem to continue being mentally disposed to staying in evenings. The quarantine obviously affected me.

Friday and saturday evenings good times to be out on the street. I opted each evening to remain in. Read and watched some TV.

Glad I am locked in to have dinner tomorrow night with the Thorntons at La Te Da.

Enjoy your sunday!


  1. As you said Lou – “Cops get bad news on a regular basis. Deservedly so. Note however there are some good police officers. There stories may not get out because the bad deeds overwhelm the good.”

    Couldn’t you say the same thing about “Blacks?”

    But there are those on your blogs don’t think that way about Blacks, or Puerto Ricans.

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