Early wednesday morning, six Cuban immigrants safely landed in Key West. At the Southernmost Point.The end of South Street. The place where tourists wait in line to have their picture taken.

The dive boat that took them to safety could be seen behind the Southernmost Point. A warm sight knowing the circumstances. The six could not have landed at a better place.

Now that we have some sort of relationship with Cuba, I no longer can accept returning Cuban refugees who did not land with their feet on American soil. A concept that has outlived its time.

I saw on TV this morning, a Cuban who had just arrived and his father that had been in the U.S. 36 years. Embracing. Crying. The first time in 36 years father and son saw or touched each other.

Yesterday began normally. The anti-gravity treadmill first. I have exceeded my original top speed. Now 4.0 as opposed to 3.5. Miles per hour. Time equal to back when. Gravity still at 50 percent. I need it there or a while yet.

David Wolkowsky has been absent recently. He went to New York City. Ninety six years old and takes a few days off to visit the Big Apple. What a guy!

Followed it up with Ruby at the Cuban Coffee Queen. Ruby is terrific! She remembers your order and name. Similar to a bartender knowing your drink. All the time smiling.

A stop at Walgreens to pick up another prescription. I have 11 prescriptions requiring 13 pills a day to be taken. All doctor prescribed. My heart doctor says it is what is keeping my heart and blood pressure ok. I am “pill controlled” as he puts it.

I could sense it was going to rain last night at dinner time. Decided to stay close to home. Drove over to Hogfish. Sat at the bar. Knew we were going to get hit with a heavy rain. Monsoon type. You could small, taste and feel it coming.

It did. Fortunately, the bar area protected me from getting wet.

My happy birthday with Jenna this evening. My birthday. The last day of celebration. It is dinner at Azur. I am looking forward to Jenna and Azur. Both top of the line.

I am beginning to worry about William Hackley’s baby. He, a fried and what I assume was a nun stayed up all evening with the baby. Baby appeared better at 10 in the morning.

The thought occurs…..The Republican Party holds itself out as the party of family values. So they run a Presidential candidate who has had three wives. If Newt Gingrich is the VP choice, the heads of the Republican ticket will have had six wives.

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…..” The opening phrase in Charles Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities. “Let them eat cake.” Attributed to Marie Antoinette. Questioned by some whether she was the one who actually uttered the words.

They come to mind because it was on this date in 1789 that French revolutionaries stormed the Bastille. The beginning of the French revolution.

Pouring like hell at the moment. I suspect we may have slipped into the rainy season.

Enjoy your day!


7 comments on “FREEDOM AT LAST

  1. “The Republican Party holds itself out as the party of family values. So they run a Presidential candidate who has had three wives. If Newt Gingrich is the VP choice, the heads of the Republican ticket will have had six wives.”

    Politics is all based on sound bites and myth. Democrat or Republican, they are all self-serving plutocrats that own the media to brainwash the dumb masses so they can continue to live the life of the “Senatores,” the Roman upper class that lived very high on the backs of millions of slaves, peasants and soldiers. In the US we just have baseball and football for our arenas and not deadly fights.

  2. Louis, you wrote about 2 particular men in the political news now having so many wives….so what? Nobody cares. Elizabeth Taylor had many husbands. So what?

    • I believe what Lou is saying is that it is OK to have as many wives as you wish but then don’t pump the Bible as a selling point for votes. As Lou says, “family values” don’t equate to multiple marriages, at least not in a biblical context. As Jesus said, unless your spouse was unfaithful to you, you are an adulterer if you divorce and remarry. Therefore, Herr Trump is not a very great biblical role model for the Evangelicals.

  3. How many consensual and unconsensual ‘affairs’ has slyck willie clinton had. OH, I forget. To a liberal, anything a clinton does is fine.

    • I agree, the FBI excuses for Dame Hillary went beyond the pale. We have a pretty rotten set of horse sin this November’s races as usual. It will be more of the same and socially we will continue to unravel.

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