Ah, the ancient proverb: “For Want of a Nail.” The first line: “For want of a nail the shoe was lost.” The proverb ending: “For want of a battle the kingdom was lost. And all for the want of a horseshoe nail.”

The Justice Building Blog 7/13/2020  published a variation that encompasses coronavirus, Florida, and Florida’s Governor DeSantis.

I bastardized the title. Named it “For Want of a Mask.”

“For want of a mask a person got sick. / For want of a mask his family got sick. / For want of a mask his family infected five other families. / For want of a mask that neighborhood infected a city. / For want of a mask that city infected a region. / For want of a mask that region infected Florida. / For want of a mask Florida infected the nation. / For want of a mask the nation infected the world. / And all for the want of a governor that will not ask people to wear masks in public. / What a complete brainless asshole he is.”

Finally, Key West has seen the light of day. The City Commission is deaf to all who presently do not think as they do re the virus. Public health being more important than the economy.

Key West has mandated the wearing of masks, except when at home or driving. Penalties apply for failure to abide. Jailing possible.

Monday 22 citations were issued. Surprisingly more to locals than visitors. Two were issued to visitors. The balance to employees working at different local businesses.

Florida’s numbers continue to sky rocket. Yesterday alone, 9,194 new cases. Deaths 4,409.

Trump is an expert about everything. Knows more about coronavirus than the doctors and scientists.

First, U.S. numbers.

Tuesday found 62,000 new infections nationwide. Total U.S. infections to date 3.41 million.

Florida, Arizona and Texas surging. Arizona and Texas running out of everything necessary for handling Covid-19. Both states are obtaining mobile morgues (refrigerated trucks) to handle the overload of dead.

Hospitals normally report coronavirus data to the CDC. The White House has ordered hospitals to cease such activity. Henceforth such data is to be sent directly to HHS. Such a clear reflection that the process has been politicized. Politicized at a time when the U.S. is in the midst of a most serious epidemic.

Why? Trump dos not like what the CDC is telling the American people. Trump cannot handle those who speak truth to power in these times. He will manipulate and interpret the numbers to suit his personal needs.

For some reason, former President Jimmy Carter and the energy crisis during his time in office has been on my mind in recent days. Not sure why. However let me share the facts with you.

Late 1976 and into 1977, our good friend even then Saudi Arabia, together with other OPEC nations, were on a money making binge. They manipulated the oil market to suit their personal greed. Forced oil prices to shoot upward.

Soon there was not enough oil available and what was available was very expensive.

Cars waited in long lines to get to a gas pump. Many times reaching the pump to discover no gasoline left. Insufficient natural gas was available to heat homes.

Carter went on television February 2, 1977 in a national broadcast to explain to the American people what had to be done to get through the crisis.

He came on TV sitting by a fire wearing a cardigan sweater. Stated respectfully, looked like Mr. Rogers.

His advise scared the nation. He suggested that thermostats be kept at 65 degrees by day and 55 by night. He also advised sweaters be worn.

There were no happy campers. When I heard his words, I thought he was joking. He was not.

We did what was necessary. Lowered the thermostats and wore sweaters.

Did not seem to help. Carter was back on TV on April 18, 1977: “We are now running out of gas and oil.”

Carter’s four years in the Presidency were difficult ones. Nothing ever went right. He is considered one of our worst Presidents. Not as bad as Trump, however. No one that bad till he came into office. History will record Trump as a total failure.

Carter will be recognized in another fashion as a great man. He is the best former President the U.S. has ever had. His achievements and endeavors post Presidency not equaled by any other President.

Some things never make sense. An NBA store that accepted custom ordering refused to sell Free Hong Kong jerseys. Yet the same store was selling Kill Cops and Burn Jews.

The store now claims its failure was an inadvertent error and is accepting orders.

MSNBC celebrated its 24th year on the air today. I love the show! My congratulations.

Yesterday, Trump was asked by a reporter about Black Americans killed by police. His response: “So are some white people.”

One of Trump’s new gambits is “white victimhood.”

The Hackley baby continues to have a hard time. All boils down to the baby’s mother not producing sufficient quantities of breast milk.

I paraphrase William’s entries in his diary of this day 1855.

Baby restless all night for want of food. Matilda up all night. Mrs. Sullivan with her. Baby much better this morning. Eruptions have come out all over her body. Wet clothes to her body and injections of cold water, no medicine. Kate (I assume Mrs. Sullivan) let her suck twice during the night. Waited for Dr. L. Ense.

I assume Mrs. Sullivan was a black or white woman who had a recent child and was capable of providing some milk to Baby.

Enjoy your day!



  1. It must be very difficult for some people, especially young people, to wear a face mask in public. A mask doesn’t look cool, doesn’t go with the casual-ragged clothing look, makes you feel like a conformist and makes it hard to hang out and drink beer with your best buds. It’s a burden that young people find hard to bear..

    When I was younger we didn’t worry about face masks. We had it easy. We only had to worry about being drafted and sent to Vietnam.

  2. And many that didn’t go to VN ended up wearing a mask too, some to breathe in tear gas situations, others to administer it. The difference now is that leadership is lacking in some places, places where carrying a gun is more important than solving problems. Oh, that and getting to go fishing with lots of other people in your boat.

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