Sheila Cullen published a comment on Facebook that qualifies as food for thought: “Florida is basically 1930’s Germany with theme parks.”

DeSantis is leading Florida into a Nazi themed Hell. Step by step. Be cognizant of where the State is being lead. Beware.

Many are the American flags that fly in Key West. Key Westers are proud!

The sun and salt of Key West wear at the fabric of the flags, however. There is a proper way to dispose of a tattered and worn flag. The first step is a “Flag Retirement Box.”

One can be found at the Key West City Hall on White Street. Place your “retired flag” in the box. The American Legion Post on College Road will take possession of the flag. Legion members will burn the flag in accordance with proper procedures.

Munson Island back in time was owned by John Spottswood. Munson Island is just short of Big Pine on the way north.

The World War II movie PT-109 about John Kennedy was filmed on Munson Island.

On this day in 1970, Spottswood sold Munson Island to Country Johnston of Valdosta, Georgia, for $150,000.

Munson Island was subsequently renamed Little Palm Island. Today it is the site of the world famous Little Palm Island Resort. One of the finest and most expensive in the world.

Prices begin at $3,690 for one night, not including taxes and fees. The most expensive accommodation $5,490, not including taxes and fees.

Today is Groundhog Day. The world famous site Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania. What a name!

The groundhog rose this morning. Saw his shadow. Went back to sleep. The fact he saw his shadow supposedly means another 6 weeks of winter.

The event was first held in 1887. Records have been kept. The groundhog’s accuracy as a weather forecaster not too reliable. The groundhog has been correct only 39 percent of the time.

Republicans keep wanting to fight yesterday’s battles. Stepping back in time: Trump’s election loss, Hillary Clinton, Hunter Biden.

Republicans should heed Winston Churchill’s words: “If we open a quarrel between past and present, we shall find that we have lost the future.”

The Federal Reserve announced yesterday a rate increase of 1/4 point. The lowest increase in quite a while. Chairman Jerome Powell acknowledged inflation was starting to ease. Therein lie the reason for the low rate increase.

The reduction represents a step at a time. However, we are gradually getting where we should be.

Bess Levin wrote tuesday re Trump’ reaction to DeSantis’ comment concerning Trump’s loss in the Presidential election. Apparently the comment did not go over well at Mar-a-Lago. Levin wrote: “Donald Trump is one day away from leaving a horse’s head in Ron DeSantis’ bed.”

Enjoy your day!


  1. Republicans fight yesterdays battles (Trump’s election loss, Hillary Clinton, Hunter Biden), not because they need to be fought, but rather because they are “battles” that “polled” well for them and they think they will help them politically again.

    After all, they can’t govern (proven time and time again) and really feel their elected entitlement is to enrich themselves and their donors. It is always “all hat, no cattle” with these guys.

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