The coral reef off Key West is dying. It has been dying. Everyone along the keys is concerned. Groups are working hard to figure out why and remedy the situation.

The coral reef off Key West is part of the Florida Reef. Runs out to the Dry Tortugas and northward along the keys. Consists of 6,000 plus individual reefs The complex is 5,000 to 7,000 years old.

Coral cannot subsist on the Florida Reef.

Coral reefs are dying all over the world. Except for one place. French Polynesia. The coral alive and blooming. Fish life active.

Scientists do not know why French Polynesia is alive, not dying. Scientists are trying to figure it out. Hoping the discovery of any worthwhile information can be used to save the dying coral reefs worldwide.

When I was a little boy, I adored my grandmother for many reasons. Her love one. Her warmth another. Her outstanding cooking.

Old southern Italy preparation she had learned in the south of Italy.

From the time I was 4 or 5, I discovered ceci and fava. My grandmother prepared them often. Taking my age into account, means from the late 1930’s onward I was gouging myself on ceci and fava.

When my grandmother passed on, ceci and fava were no longer part of my life. They followed my grandmother to the grave. My mother never made them. I assume they were just not part of her culinary skills.

Occasionally in my adult years, I would see a bottle of ceci and fava for sale in a grocery store. Always bought a bottle or more. None as good as Grandma’s.

Ceci and fava a mixture of roasted salted ceci beans (generally chickpeas) and favas beans. First soaked, then roasted, followed by a spritz of oil.

The result a morsel to die for. Crispy, crunchy, and light.

Considered healthy. Loaded with protein, fiber, and iron.

Why the ceci and fava dissertation? This past weekend I found a package of them at Publix. Labeled Crispy Favas + Peas. In a blue plastic bag. A product of The Good Bean Company.

I pigged out. Have to return to buy several bags this time.

I recommend ceci and fava. A delight!

Key West is a drinking city. I go out rarely these days because the doctor says no more booze. Due to my pancreatitis attack several months ago. No fun being with a crowd imbibing and you are not.

Did go out last night.

Began with Dueling Bartenders at Aqua. Rick Dery a terrific singer!

Ran into Mary at the bar. I have not seen her for a month. Because I do not go out with the same frequency I did. It was good to see her again.

Rick has a sense of humor. I had mentioned I lost one of my credit cards. Then located it. It had been sitting on the kitchen table. I passed by the card several times over 3 days before seeing it. I ate at the same table 3 days running also.

Old age.

Anyhow, Rick said, “I lost my glasses because I couldn’t see.” Makes sense.

Rick sang an old song. A Marlene Dietrich one. Cannot recall the title. Rick’s professional career has taken him to many countries and caused him to meet many people. One was Marlene Dietrich. They became friends.

Some time after the star’s death, her daughter wrote a book about her mother. Marlene’s life had to be one hell of a ride!

Rick told the story of Dietrich showing up at her daughter’s apartment for dinner. Three ladies. Mother Dietrich, daughter Dietrich and granddaughter Dietrich.

During the course of dinner, Marlene opened her purse and pulled out a pair of a man’s jockey shorts. She asked, “Does anyone want to smell them?” They supposedly were President Kennedy’s.

Dinner with Mary at La Trattoria. Sat next to the lovely Jean Thornton. Returns home to Birmingham tomorrow for Christmas. Returns with husband Joe day after.

Jean introduced me to her friend Pat Benson. Pat from mid California. Has been visiting Key West for years. Looking to buy here.

As usual, enjoyed Carrie. Always personable and knowledgeable.

Homelessness a national problem. Key West part and parcel of the problem.

Many years ago, a federal court dictated that if a municipality did not want the homeless sleeping on the streets, the municipality had to provide some sort of shelter for them to sleep in.

Key West immediately complied. Not necessarily as a do gooder. Rather to keep the homeless from spending their evenings in the best neighborhoods and in tents running on U.S. 1 along side the golf course.

Key West constructed a tent city for the homeless. Large well framed tents, showers, toilet facilities, etc.

Over the years a further controversy has developed. The tents are located on County owned land next to the County Jail. The Sheriff has wanted the land for expansion of his facilities. Court proceedings galore.

A hopefully “final” decision reached. Things finally looking good. The homeless would be moved to new and better facilities.

The “final” decision not so final as it turned out. Problems still exist. The homeless continue to spend their nights in tents on County land.

The City of Key West Fire Department got involved. The Fire Marshall said too many beds. The facility not safe for evacuation purposes in case of fire or other emergency. The Fire Marshall eliminated 20 beds.

The facility is rarely full. The homeless tend to hurry to it on cold or wet evenings. Now all will not be able to be accomodated.

The problem continues.

Today is tuesday. Means my blog talk radio show tonight. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Nine my time. Join me. Trump guarantees the show to be an enjoyable listen. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou.

Trump keeps screwing around and Russia has gotten stronger. Putin a fox, Trump a chicken. Putin always beats Trump at what ever occurs.

The trade wars have pushed China into the arms of Russia. They are “becoming buddies.” Yesterday, Russia and China proposed the U.N. lift some U.N. imposed sanctions off North Korea.

Trump says not the time.

Under U.N. rules, the U.S.’s 1 vote is enough to block such a move.

The past couple of weeks, Kim Jong Un has been threatening  a “Christmas gift” to the United States if the the U.S. fails to come up with certain concessions North Korea seeks. Note that in spite of 2-3 visits between Trump and Kim and a “love affair,” nothing has happened. A situation where talk has turned out to be cheap.

Trump does not appear concerned.  Says he would be “disappointed” if Kim did anything. Trump’s attitude: “We’ll take care of it.”

Since their face to face meetings, Kim has not acted as one seeking friendship. He has engaged in 13-14 missile tests. The last 2 of concern. Each having the capacity to reach the U.S.

Christmas less than 2 weeks away.

Wall Street believes the stock market is on the verge of a “melt up.” Would be good! However, it depends on some sort of resolution of the U.S./China trade war.

An agreement is pending that would only “minimally” solve the many problems involved. Many consider the deal a poor one. A deal arrived at based on political expediency.

The deal sucks. If signed, would it move the stock market further upward? It would be wrong if the motivating factor is the agreement being bantered about at the moment.

Enjoy your day!






  1. If in fact the stock market does improve (upward) it will only help those at the top, the already rich, not the average American.

    But it will allow Trump and his ill informed supporters to claim undeserved victories, when in fact it does nothing for the economy and is actually a weird reaction to Trumps failed China trade policies (tariffs).

    It’s a false positive maybe, but hardly a victory, except that Trump is far more interested in bragging than any real gain. His whole presidency has been a con, scam really! More fiction than even your average Ayn Rand novel.

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