Amazing! Absolutely amazing! Trump suggested we drink Clorox. Now comes Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wisc) who recommends mouth washing with Listerine to kill coronavirus. In fairness, he doesn’t suggest drinking it.

I am curious. What next?

It seems insanity prevails in the highest ranks of the Republican Party. How can anyone believe that Listerine or some other mouthwash will solve the virus problem? Those that do claim that “standard gargle mouthwash, has been proven to kill the coronavirus. If you get it, you may reduce viral replication.”

Two leading mouthwash manufacturers have “extensive web pages on their company sites deterring customers from thinking that they are effective measures against the virus.”

Listerine has had detailed information on its website saying “available data insufficient and no evidence – based clinical observations can be drawn with regards to the anti-viral efficacy of LISTERINE.”

The information has been available on the Listerine website since March 2020.

Coronavirus is a virus, not a bacteria. Mouthwashes are antimicrobial, meaning they are designed to fight bacteria, not viruses.

The U.S. Supreme Court has always been considered the “court of last resort.” If no where else, justice would be done at the highest judicial level in the U.S.

No more.

Another consideration is justice is supposed to be blind. Such signified by the Statue of Justice being blindfolded. The blindfold has been swept away. Today a majority of Justices are one minded and know well before a case even comes before them that its subject matter will or will not be supported by them.

Justices have become “special effects” actors on behalf of radicalism, the rich, and certain favored classes. As workers of old owed their souls to the company store, Justices owe their positions to special interests.

High court decisions are becoming more and more convoluted. The Texas abortion case the most recent example. It does not make legal or common sense how the Court ruled yesterday that the lower ruling in the Texas case remains the law till the Supreme Court finally decides it. However, abortion clinics may continue to bring lawsuits in lower courts in attempt to override the specifics as to how specific curtailing actions might be lifted.

The issue in the Texas case is not really abortions. It has moved on to being whether a lower inferior court can override a Supreme Court decision.

The seats the Justices now sit on are unsteady. They can fall. People will only take abuse so long.

A solution is to pack the Court. Biden must add additional Justices to the Court to swing the Court’s balance.

I wish to address the insurrection issue from a different perspective.

January 6 was not the only day when there has been an insurrection. For days and months before and since, insurrection is taking place on a daily place. Attempts in certain states to change voting systems, control who does what, etc. represent a form of insurrection. Another way to overthrow the type of government American people have been accustomed to for a couple of hundred years.

An interesting comment in this morning’s Citizens” Voice re DeSantis’ civilian military: “Presumably the new private army in Florida will be used to enforce the coming totalitarianism?”

On this day in 1898, the Battleship Maine plot in the Key West Cemetery was dedicated. Ten thousand attended.

Such number would not be attained or even come close to today.

The Christmas Boat Parade tonight at 8. I am meeting Jean Thornton first in the Chart Room. Following which we have a table reserved at Pier One at the rail for dinner and then boat watching.

The State and wealthy Key West business persons v. the people of Key West in the continuing cruise ship battle.

Big boats are beginning to arrive at Pier B. Pier B is privately owned.

A Norwegian vessel with a capacity for 3,200 persons arrived. It was met by a contingency of those opposed to vessels coming and going. Hundreds on the docks and small boats in the water protesting the boat’s arrival.

As I mentioned yesterday, New York’s surge is in the northern part of the state. The heavy cold and snow belt area. I spent more than 50 years living in the area.

The State is concerned. A new rule has been placed in effect. Masks must be worn in indoor public places, unless the business or venue implements a vaccine requirement.

The mask mandate begins this monday and will continue to January 15 at which time it will be reevaluated.

New York joins Washington, Oregon, Illinois, New Mexico and Hawaii in requiring similar indoor mask mandates.

Enjoy your day!



  1. Hey Lou, once again your garbage salad of words continue to spew fake facts. Trump never said to “drink” Clorox, he suggested we “inject” it! Get your facts straight . Your millions of followers are counting on accuracy.

  2. Like Ron likes to say, ‘you can’t stupid’. Thats right.
    But, that applies to 75% of the readers here, especially the ones that are too lazy to read something that may not go along with their beliefs or wishes.

  3. Those ‘terminally confused about reality’ are those too lazy to read about anything that doesn’t already coincide with their sense of reality. Actually reality means nothing to them.

  4. Cut the crap, have YOU read the entire Mueller report (now available as a PDF, or are YOU just to lazy?

    Have you read MINNPOST’s “Fact Checker’s” list of 30,573 Trump’s lies, or are YOU just to lazy?

    Or, PolitiFacts full list of Trum’s lies (www, , or are YOU just to lazy?

    Or Wikipedia’s summery they call the “Veracity of statements by Donald Trump”, or are YOU just to lazy?

    or the New York time’s list of “Trump’s Lies”, or are YOU just to lazy?

    I am sure you don’t want to do that, because it would take away from your time and effort to try and persuade Lou’s readers to read what you YOU think we all should be reading, according to your warped Jesuit indoctrinated mind.

    None of us wishes to read ANYTHING you would recommend, simply because you recommend it. Your lack of comprehension and understanding of issues is only exceeded by your pompous need to bully anything YOU think is important.

    • No, you didn’t make me mad, you made me realize absurd your arrogance really is.

      Posting here with intent to mess with anyone is not sport it is proof. Proof that your purpose in life is dishonest and corrupt.

      I can’t be the only one who thanks God every day that I am not you.

  5. What insurrection? What happened on January 6th was nothing brut a peaceful and lawful demonstration. Completely non violent, at least until the antifa showed up and started trouble.

    No need for any insurrection charges necessary, except maybe against unlawful BLM protestors

  6. Patrick, need to meet him the real Patrick. He always signs his posts and doesn’t seem afraid to mix it up with the regulars.

  7. Patrick doesn’t seem to have any problems mixing most things up, particularly the content of his posts, mostly in a way that no one can understand what he’s talking about.

    Seriously, what’s with this guy’s comprehension issues.

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