I waited till I saw Trump’s departure before starting today’s blog. Normally, I begin at 6 am. At the moment, it is 9.

My thoughts.

Change is good. Required in many instances. Trump’s departure one of them. He brought our country to its knees. Not once, many times. Though he will always deny it.

The crowd at the White House this morning as the President and Melania walked to the helicopter was small. Around 100.

The crowd at Andrews slightly larger. One hundred fifty to two hundred. Except for a larger crowd, Trump got what he wanted. A red carpet and 21 gun salute.

The crowd was enthusiastic.

Trump’s speech short. Typical, he hit on what he perceives as his successes. Most were failures.

He touched on the Pandemic in the past tense. “Was” as opposed to “is”. Made it sound like the worst was behind us, he having resolved the COVID-19 problem.

His “successes” reflected the great foundation he was leaving his successor. My words, not his.

The best was the mess when he began his term and how “we put it together.”

I am glad he is no longer President. There was not much more we could handle.

Now to Biden.

I began my yesterday by watching Biden’s farewell speech in Wilmington. Sincere and touching. He had ridden the train something like 8,000 times in his career.

Last night was the best.

Four hundred thousand Americans have died as a result of coronavirus. Biden paid tribute to them. The first time anyone has in the solemn manner Biden did.

It was a COVID-19 moment. Just after 6 in the evening at the Lincoln Monument Reflecting Pool at the National Mall. Lincoln sitting behind him covered by a multitude of lights. Biden and company standing at one end of the Reflecting Pool facing towards the Washington Monument.

Along the pool a series of lights difficult to describe. However, magnificent. Should be left for all time.

Between the Washington Monument and the Capitol, two thousand American flags proudly standing.

Even the weather was perfect. It was as if God had made the moment.

The sky was black, until it hovered over the Capitol. Then it was no more. The sun had finally set. However, it was radiating skyward from beneath the horizon. At the end of the black clouds. Bright orange.


With the President to be were Mrs. Biden, Vice President elect Harris and her husband. The program was short and to the point. It opened with a prayer by a Cardinal. Then Biden and Harris briefly spoke. Followed by 2 women who each sang a song befitting the moment.

One was Amazing Grace.

The entire program was dedicated to those who lost their lives to the virus. It was a time for grief, it was a time to remember all who had died. No one had in the past in such fashion.

I was touched. Tears were rolling down my cheeks. Many others who watched had to have a similar experience.

Many have experienced grief. Death of a loved one must be discussed. There is no resolution till there has been such experience.

Biden is one who has experienced death close to him. And experienced grief. He was the right person at the moment to speak. Recall Biden’s first wife and a daughter were killed in an automobile accident. Recall further his son who died from cancer several years ago.

Biden’s words were touching. The thought came over me that the next 4 years were to be Biden’s time. I had a feeling of confidence he would take us out of the abyss Trump was leaving.

Following Trump’s departure on Air Force One, the camera moved to a Catholic Church in Washington where Biden and several others were entering to attend mass.

It was a small group. Significant were 2 of those entering the Church with Biden. Republican House Minority Leader McCarthy and Republican Senate Majority Leader, soon to be Minority Leader, McConnell.

They were with the President soon to be rather with the departing one. Speaks volumes. An indication the 2 sides were already coming together.

The U.S. is on its way. I believe Biden will be able to run with the ball. Expect multiple touchdowns.

Enjoy your day!

19 comments on “FINALLY CHANGE!

  1. So Trump, the leader of the Republican (Law and Order) Party, pardons, as his last official act, several criminals convicted of some pretty sleazy stuff, defying any kind of swamp cleanup.

    I am so proud of you donald.

    • May we NEVER allow the GOP the self indulgement of acceptability without earning it. And no credibility during that time until they do so.

  2. Trump pardoned Steve Bannon for involvement in a scheme to fleece Trump supporters.

    Just think about that for a moment, especially any moment when you feel that maybe we are being a little too tough on exPrexident Donald Trump

  3. Biden speech was so much more presidential than Donalds Doom and Gloom inaugural speech four years ago. What a welcome difference.

  4. I heard a loud collective global sigh of relief after Joe Biden took his oath. Donald Trump, all I have left to say to you is: YOU’RE FIRED! I’ve been waiting four years for this day. Well, maybe just 3 1/2. I gave him six months to do something good and presidential and he never did.

  5. On Biden’s speech, I do not envy the task of the corporate press. They must make the dumbest and most corrupt president look like a Lincoln.

    He’s not even a Ford.

    • I don’t think they have to with Biden, but even if they did he, like Trump before him (after him too, as it turned out), would have reviewed and approved, or disapproved, of any speech, before he’d give it.

      Trump’s speech was negative, boarding vile, whereas Biden’s speech, much more worldly and positive.

      • I agree, it is a delight to hear someone again, who is able to give a speech coherently and without foul language and condescending negativity.

  6. The next President of the US was sworn in today… Vice President. Yes, Kamala Harris will be the next President because there is no way in hell that Joe Biden can survive four years in office. Do you really know who you voted for?

    • Sandy is almost always wrong with his predictions, so if averages prove true, Biden will finish this term.

      But even if he doesn’t Kamala Harris is quite capable of finishing for all of us and far better that Trumps or even Pence would ever have been.

      Yes i know exactly who we voted for and who we voted OUT.

      Why on earth would you ask?

  7. 133 million, rather than 156 million, is not math but a Republican GUESS as to what they think the number of people who should have voted and that’s definitely not science, nor is it true. It is a number they’ve simply come up with to justify the lie that Trump won, which incidentally he didn’t do in 2016 either.

    Sandy doesn’t care, he believes what HIS masters, the Republican party (who have verifiably lied about everything under Trump for the past 4 years), tells him to think.

    Sandy is a deviant troll, who supported the people who tried to overthrow the American government. This voter vote thing is part of that seditious charade and Sandy is part and partial of that treasonous activity, and can NOT and should NOT be trusted with anything anymore, especially the truth.

  8. Trump truly is crazy. Showed his face in public showing zero true remorse for the Capitol insurrection that he provoked and spouted all of his falsehoods.

    • They’ve always taken the childish low road on all those kind of things, like calling her “Nancy” or any female NOT republican something demeaning. Republicans don’t ever do “respect.”

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