Men have fought and died for democracy forever. American democracy. Some still dying. Others however have joined a growing group of dissidents who want to destroy that which has made America great. Democracy.

More than one million have fought and died to guarantee that democracy. The same democracy others are seeking to destroy today.

One of the measures of those who fought and died for democracy are the number who actually gave up their lives in America’s various wars.

Numbers generally reflect truth. The number of persons who died to guarantee democracy is an indication of its value. The same value many today are seeking to destroy.

The wars and number of U.S. deaths: Revolution 4,435, War of 1812 2,260, Civil War 629,000, World War I 117,000, World War II 407,000, Korea 33,700, Vietnam 58,000, Two Gulf Wars with Iraq 8,000, Afghanistan to date 2,400.

Total war dead 1,249,811.

A lot of good people have died to preserve U.S. freedom. To guarantee democracy would be sustained.

Now a bunch of radical insurgents, terrorists to the core, have heard Donald Trump’s call and follow him as if he were the Pied Piper.

They cannot be permitted to succeed. If they do, the U.S. will become a Nazi Germany.

The friendly transfer of power was a trade mark of the U.S. democratic society.

Trump says no more. It is his way or the highway.

There are other dissidents world wide. A growing disease this desire to overthrow a democratic society.

Israel is on the verge of falling into an abyss similar to the one Trump is creating in the U.S.

After 12 years in power, Netanyahu was replaced yesterday. Via Israel’s democratic processes. As with Trump, Netanyahu does not agree with his being replaced. In his brief words yesterday he spoke of a “fraudulent” vote that caused his opposition to succeed. He claimed he would be soon back.

Sound familiar?

Israel’s transition of governments was till recent days a friendly one. A day of celebration. There were no such events yesterday. Netanyahu sat stone faced as Israel’s new Prime Minister took over.

Insurgency spreads. It is a cancer. What one nation can do, so can another.

Certain areas of Antarctica’s ice mass are breaking up faster than anticipated.

The Pine Island ice shelf the perfect example. It is spawning huge icebergs.

There is a bigger glacier behind the Pine Island shelf one. It too is breaking up. However not as fast as the Pine Island shelf. The importance of the shelf is that it keeps the melting huge glacier behind it from moving into the sea.

Damage beyond comprehension would occur if the glacier got out into open water.

Scientists claim climate change is the reason for the problems with the Pine Island shelf and the bigger glacier behind it. Nations speak of cause. They accept climate change as the cause. Many are willing to do something. None doing any where close to enough, however.

Key West and much of the lower Keys could disappear some time in the next 50 years. The ocean front and gulf front homes and hotels will be swept away. The same homes many today are spending from $3 million to $7 million for.

I have spent much of my time over the past 30 years in Key West. Stock Island adjoins Key West. Stock Island the other side of Cow Key Bridge.

Stock Island has primarily been the place where the working staff of Key West live. Housing much cheaper. It was at one time the home of fishing fleets now long gone.

There always has been a sense that Stock Island was saying “Watch us grow!” It didn’t grow till recent years. Now booming.

Class hotels, great food restaurants, first class marinas. etc.

Stock Island is shouting for every one to come and see what is happening. A “I Love Sock Island Festival” will be ongoing from June 16-20. Go and experience the transformation taking place!

I hope as part of the Department of Justice’s investigation it is following the money. Wealthy oligarchs are funding the terrorist groups and the insurgency they bring. Big money!

Think for a moment. January 6. Where did the insurgents get the money to pay for the buses and other type transportation to get them to Washington? Hotel rooms? Meals? Miscellaneous expenses?

Follow the money! Those who funded January 6 are as much responsible as those who actually charged up the Capitol steps.

Enjoy your day!


  1. A lot of good people have died to preserve U.S. freedom.

    Yes, in some cases. Then again…. sadly, a lot of good people have died so a few bad people can keep their wealth and power.

  2. It’s embaraszing to still see so many of the yellow far right wing blogs still publishing separatist conspiracy nonsense and at the same time trying to wrap themselves around the American flag. Proving how much they can’t think clearly and just say anything they want with out really knowing what they are saying. Hard to take them seriously, if they weren’t carrying guns, eh?

  3. How many times are those nuts going to recount those ballots? They probably have pizza stains and who knows what else all over them by now.

    • Probably about as many times as Obama had to submit/present his birth certificate to the world. He should never had had to, but did, with a valid and official one from the beginning.

      Like the AZ (and other state) results, the original and official results weren’t enough, nor have any of the recounts been either.

      With these right wing Republicans, it’s never about the truth, always about the sh*t fit illusion they choose to believe.

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