The pending demise of Fast Buck Freddie’s was announced yesterday. Shortly, the most magnificent tiny department store will be no more.

Fast Buck’s owner Tony Falcone made the announcement to staff and the world yesterday.

He is closing for economic reasons. He claims the cruise business hurt. Cruise ship people generally did not buy in his store. Falcone says the cruise boat people also kept the locals from coming downtown. Another reason for the closing he claimed was internet purchasing. Customers would come in to the store, see an item they liked, copy the numbers down, and then buy over the internet.

I like Tony Falcone. He has been a mainstay in Key West for many years. I do not however agree with his reasons. From my perspective, Fast Buck Freddie’s is going down because it was a bit too pricey. People either do not have money or are not spending it in this down economy. Fast Buck’s had to sell a cheaper item or lower its prices to stay in business. It did neither.

Whatever the reason, there will be a huge gap in the middle of Duval Street where Fast Buck Freddie’s has sat these many years. A sad reflection  of the times.

Follies opened in Los Angeles last night! Terri White was a hit as usual.

Los Angeles critic Paul Hodgins wrote that “…Terri White tears up the stage as a larger-than-life Stella in Who’s That Woman.”

Go Terri!

This morning my Internet show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Ten o’clock in the morning my time. Join me for what I promise will be a most interesting show.

Enjoy your day!


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