A beautiful blog today. Elites and control of the Republican Party, We shall overcome, German TV show Achtung Abzock, a coronavirus update, dengue fever, the Key West Copacabana of yesteryear.

I lost it! It’s somewhere in outer space.

Don’t bother telling me to be more careful. I was. Lost it when I sent it to publish. Have no idea what key I pressed.

Tonight, Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Insufficient time to redo blog and prepare show. Ergo, no blog today. I do promise however to redo some of the topics as they were extremely interesting.

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13 comments on “ELITES RULE

  1. Trump is now saying Mail in voting is safe in Florida. So maybe all you Trump supporters like “Thomas J.” or “No One” or Sandy or any of his other alias’ who have been posting here on Lous Blog about how Mail in Voting, especially naming Florida and California, are unsafe and must NOT be allowed, always along Republican party line talking points, mirroring Trump’s tantrums, must all now change their tune and get behind Trumps new idea that, at least in Florida, so far, voting by mail is safe and OK.

    Hey you guys, Trump has made fools of you all, yet again.

    • Unbelievable! The entire discussion last Friday was about how mail-in voting in California and seven other states is different from absentee voting in Florida and most other states. And yet some people still don’t understand the difference. So one last time:

      In most states, like Florida, an absentee ballot must be requested by the voter. You request it and then you receive a ballot that is yours, and nobody else can use it.

      In California and seven other states, a ballot is mailed out to the last known address of every registered voter, period. The state will not know if the intended recipient has moved away or is otherwise unable to complete the ballot because the ballot was not requested by the actual voter.

      Trump and many others approve of the Florida method because it is relatively secure.

      Trump dislikes the California method because it is possible for someone to vote who was not the intended recipient of the mailed ballot.

      Trump never said or implied that the Florida method and the California method were the same thing. If you still can’t see the difference, then I can’t help you.

      • That’s NOT the point Thomas J.

        Donald Trump made sweeping generalizations about ANY and EVERY, so called Mail in Voting scheme, never discriminating between the differences between each states specific rules and was very clear that absentee ballots were OK, but NOT mail in voting. He also mentioned Florida and California by name as OK for Absentee but not for “Mail in.”

        This was challenged many times by many different people including most of the press, but he kept doubling down his statement that NO MAIL IN ANYWHERE. including Florida.

        From this his sycophant supporters, blindly believed and repeated NO MAIL IN VOTING (without detail distinctions), meant “No Mail-IN” voting of ANY kind. Please don’t try and spin this otherwise, that ‘stinks.’

        Until yesterday when he reversed himself and said “Florida” was OK (not mentioning anyone else, just Florida). You are indeed correct, but so was the rest of the world that he kept dismissing by being cleverly deceptive, or more likely ignorant, generally allowing to let his followers, even when challenged, to believe ANY “MAIL IN VOTING” to be understood as exactly that, no Mail IN VOTING

        Your defense of this may be accurate, but it is far from honest. What would have been honest was/is for you to have addressed the point of the discussion and said that Donald Trump doesn’t understand how this works and should only be singling out those places, like California, who don’t specifically need to request a Mail in Ballot, which by the way, he still has not done.

        • Yes, you have this explained correctly. The discussion should really only be if “Voting by Mail” of any kind is OK, or if ONLY certain types (no individual request for ballot) of voting by mail should not be allowed.

          It should be crystal clear that mail in voting, per se, is not to be confused with absentee voting (generally, excuse required) is one thing and generally acceptable, as is general voting by mail, although with criticisms as to how it is handled in details in some states, by some people, in this case Donald Trump.

          The devil is in the details, Some people want it confusing and stand on arcane and adroit details like the term Mail-In voting “bad” and that “Voting-by Mail” OK. They being criticized as wanting this confusing in any way possible as another way to suppress voting, not help it.

        • If I may quote you. You said (Trump) ……”was very clear that absentee ballots were OK, but NOT mail in voting. He also mentioned Florida and California by name as OK for Absentee but not for “Mail in”.

          I agree with that.

          Perhaps you can explain to me how absentee ballots arrive at your voting precinct if they are not mailed. The whole point of requesting an absentee ballot is to let your registrar know that you will not be voting in person and will mail the requested absentee ballot instead. I have never heard Trump or anyone else object to this. Absentee voting is an option in every state.

          The problem for Trump and others is that the California voter (and others) may be mailing-in a ballot that was not meant for them. The issue is not that they are “mailing-in” a ballot. The issue is that it may not be their ballot because they didn’t have to request one.

          I don’t know how to make it any more clear.

          • Thomas, you continue to ignore reality and insist on only what YOU want to hear.

            Who is talking about “absentee ballots arriving at your precinct if they are not mailed”? What is that all about?

            We are talking about voting done by mail and how Trump said that was not (paraphrased) acceptable for people in Florida and in California. However Absentee Voting by mail was acceptable. All actual facts. Now, as of a day or so ago, he reversed himself and said Florida was OK to vote by mail (another actual fact) and some people on this blog (and elsewhere) have pointed out that by reversing himself he has screwed many of his supporters who blindly supported his original edict effectively saying that voting by mail (accept absentee ballot voting) was illegal and not acceptable.

            Nothing more.

            Please work on your comprehension issues, before you try and take up anybody’s time on a blog that is not yours, with attempted parsing of what you say is what Trump (or anyone else) actually meant, but did NOT say.

  2. There is talk going around in Washington the Bill Barr is preparing to issue indictments against high profile key political figures, like the Clintons, Susan Rice, Bidens son, perhaps Joe Biden himself and others, as a late October surprise, perhaps even a day or two before election day itself, not too different than Comey did (very successfully) in the 2016 election. These incitement’s are not necessarily prosecutable and basically only being issued to swing the election to Trump. It is thought this is the BIG reason that Trump is opposed to mail in ballots, as those would already be in the mail and immune to any last minute smear.

    May sound preposterous now, but so did a whole bunch of other things that Trump has done, before he just went ahead and did them.

  3. You just have to go back over everything Trump says and figure out if he lying, joking ,exaggerating or making stuff up on the fly.

  4. Why should we, or anyone have to do that? Just suggesting that is utterly unfathomable onto itself.

    And that’s only the part of the problem.

    Why should we have to suffer and die because of it?

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