Lets start with a bit of nostalgia this morning.

The History Section of today’s Key West Citizen tells us buses replaced streetcars in Key West on this day in 1926. I am impressed. Utica’s population in 1926 was well over 100,000. Key West a pip squeak in comparison. Utica did not replace its electric streetcars till the late 1930s.

I remember streetcars! I remember riding them in the late 1930s. I was probably 4-5 years old. Then they were replaced by buses. I am assuming just before World War II. The rails however remained imbedded in the streets till after the War.

Did the dentist routine early yesterday morning. I did have a problem. Dr. Lindner said I had an infection in one of the implants. The cause of the pain and swelling. Why? It happens, he said. He gave me a prescription for an antibiotic. I have thus far taken three. Pain and swelling gone.

I hurried home to fine tune last night’s blog talk radio show. The show went well. I limited myself to four topics.

The past week was a big week and I wanted to hit what I considered the major issues…..Obama and Amazing Grace, a Greek update, and two significant Supreme Court decisions.

If you missed the show, it is archived on Blog Talk Radio and You Tube. It also is linked to my Key West Lou website keywestlou.com.

Later in the afternoon was a must do trip to Walgreens. I had to pick up five prescriptions. Four that were ready to be picked up and the antibiotic. One thing I have learned is that as one matures (a nice way of saying gets older), doctors and pharmacies become necessary friends.

From Walgreens to Don’s Place. Enjoyed a drink with David and Keith.

Then to Roostica for dinner. Fried eggplant at the bar while enjoying the newspapers.

A significant portion of last night’s show involved Greece. It is the most crucial spot in the world these days. Depending on what happens, a European and/or worldwide recession could occur.

Anna arrived yesterday in Athens. She reported no lines in front of the ATMs in the afternoon when she arrived. This morning the streets are blocked with people trying to get money out of the ATMs. She sent pics.

Greek banks have been shut down for six days. Withdrawals from ATMs is limited to 60 euros a day. Yesterday, the ATMs only permitted a 50 euro withdrawal. There had been such a rush to withdraw that the banks ran out of 10 and 20 euro bills.

Anna reports the demonstration in front of Parliament last night was much larger than the night before. Last night’s was for the group that wants to remain with the euro.

This morning’s news reports that Greece apparently blinked. Greece defaulted yesterday. Last evening, the Greek government announced it would accept the Eurounion’s package with some minor changes. The Euro group is meeting as I write to decide if they will accept Greece’s submission. The Euro group has no choice. To leave Greece outside the Eurounion would be the death knell for the Eurounion.

Anna tells me yesterday hotel rates were low. This morning, they had shot up. Her hotel however was honoring her lower reservation price.

I drove by the Glynn Archer school building yesterday. Or what remains of it. It is being transformed into a new City Hall.

This renovation is going to cost Key West a bundle over and above projected cost figures. Of necessity! The building has been completely gutted internally. Only the outside walls remain. Propped up with metal beams.

The new structure will in reality be a new building with the old outside. It is going to cost a ton more than if an entire new building had been constructed.

Another alternative would have been to use the old Glynn Archer. Move only a few walls internally. Bring in new water and air conditioning systems and whatever else is required. Cosmetically finish off the rest. A new home for City Hall at a much cheaper dollar.

Typical Key West governmental bungling.

Cuba and the U.S. are going to exchange embassies this week. Good! Lets keep moving the reunion along.

Enjoy your day!



  1. Good day Louis!

    Odd you mention the trolley. We in St. Louis are in the process of putting in an electric trolley in the somewhat famous Delmar Loop area. Bringing back bit of ‘old school’ to this vibrant area.


    Greece is certainly in a pickle. Your vacation price just went up! 🙁

    Captain Peter back to the great Northwest yet?

    Take care-

    Scott in StL

    • Anna tells me Athens cheaper than normal. She fears the islands will be more expensive, however. We will know in the next few days when she arrives in Santorini.

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