The East Palestine clean up will take years. And even then may not be totally cleaned up.

Expect 30 years or more.

So far in the one month since the spill, more than 200 tons of contaminated soil and nearly 2 million gallons of liquid have been collected from the derailment site.

A drop in the bucket.

Extent of the contamination will not be known for years, It takes time for the contamination to seep into the soil and into water streams.

My admonition continues: Remove the residents to a new city. Create one, if necessary. It will be far cheaper and healthier if done this way instead of letting residents stay, get severely sick, some dying.

Another problem: Where to dump the contaminants of the cleanup? The EPA has specified sites in various states for certain of the toxins. The problem is many states will refuse to accept the contaminants. The situation becomes a political as well as legal one.

COVID’s labeling being crystalized. Some referring to it as the “false epidemic.”

If so, why did so many die?

The claim is as valid as the “election fraud” theory.

Two new items re the Catholic Church.

The first involves San Diego Cardinal Robert McElroy. In a recent address at Notre Dame University, he said the Church must “redesign” its “just war” theory to favoring “non-violent action.”

The second is a concern of the FBI. The FBI is worried that violent extremists will exploit and recruit radical traditionalist Catholics.

Query: What has happened to the simple teachings of the Bible?

The Catholic Church began getting sucked into politics by the conservative right now turned radical right more than half a century ago. As a result, the Church has become politically contaminated.

Sir Roger Bannister, the first man to run a sub 4 minute mile, died this day in 2018.

He exercised the great feat on May 6, 1954. The whole world was excited in anticipation that he might. I and my friends were glued to the TV. He did it! In 3 minutes 59.4 seconds.

Syracuse plays the last game of its ACC season tomorrow at 5. The team plays Wake Forest.

The season has been less than spectacular. A mild statement. It stunk! Glad it’s over!

Enjoy your day!



  1. The Bible, forget it Lou. That is just something the Catholic Church, and others, just uses to keep the “faithful” busy and in line. The real purpose of the church is survival and profit. The church is now more focused on politics and power than it ever was. GET OUT OF THEIR WAY!

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