The government has yet to take the pharmaceutical companies to task. As well as the insurance companies that work with them.

My complaint has to do with the donut hole. A coverage gap.

Explanation. I have Medicare and a personal plan I pay to cover the difference not covered by Medicare. In other words, I spend extra money to cover my ass. And I still have a copay with each drug purchased.

The insurance company only covers the difference till I spend x number of dollars on drugs. Then I am on my own. I pay the whole amount till a certain figure is reached. Back on the usual plan at  that point.

I was told I reached the donut yesterday. What did it mean as a practical matter. I have been paying $40 a month out of my pocket for a particular prescription. High. My doctor did not want me on the generic. Everything else I take is generic. I went to pick up my month’s supply yesterday. $196.91. Wow! Legalized thievery!

Of course, I did not pay it. I told them to give me the generic. Still high. $36 copay.

The drug and insurance companies are getting away with murder. Nothing seems to be done. Obama gave them a free ride to get Obamacare through.

The government and insurance industry took hospitals and doctors under control. Well, part way. The same should be done with pharmacy drugs.

We have read lately about the long TSA security lines at airports. Sometimes up to three hours. People missing their planes.

Something has to be done. All articles I read, with the exception of one, blames the TSA. I came across some interesting facts I would like to share with you.

In the first 5 months of this year, TSA screened 18 million more people than the first 5 months as last year. With 5,800 fewer employees.

Which means Congress cut TSA’s budget for this year. Complain to your Congressman.

I began last night at Aqua’s Back Bar. Mark Watson time. Met Vanessa. Interesting woman.

Then to Duffy’s for dinner. Prime rib.

Jennifer hosting. Jana managing. Mark bartending. All good people. At a restaurant I have come to enjoy. Try Duffy’s. The food is good and prices reasonable.

Memorial Day Weekend starts tomorrow. Key West will be buried in tourists. Party time for three days and nights.

I was made aware yesterday that a dear friend back home had died. Bahram Omidian. A psychiatrist. An Iranian.

Bahraham was one of the nicest people I have known. Special. Few like him. Kind. Humorous.

I am overcome by his passing. So much so I cannot write today the story of his life as I saw it. Another day.

The first Thanksgiving was in 1621. Things did not remain kumbaya.

The Puritans and Indians were constantly battling. Killing each other.

On this date in 1637, the Puritans and their Mohegan friends attacked a Pequot Indian village in the dark of night. Mostly women and children that evening.

The Puritans and Mohegans killed 500.

There were several more attacks over the years. In one, the Puritans cut off Indian heads and rolled them like bowling balls down the streets.

Bocce party tonight. The one for the five teams that play on thursday night. I am not sure who won this year. Could be my team or Larry Smith’s.

My team is called Don’s Place. Larry’s Not Don’s Place. Key West mentality involved in the name Larry selected.

The party is at Don’s Place.

Enjoy your day!


5 comments on “DONUT HOLE

    • You are off base Anonymous. His name is spelled correctly. I suggest you check his obituary in the Utica Oberver-Dispatch. He resided in New Hartford. Interestingly, someone wrote me last night that you were wrong.

      • You spell it two different ways in your post. In one instance you spell it “Bahram” and in second reference you spell it “Bahraham.” I’m sure one is correct, but there’s no way both are. Interesting that you and whoever wrote you both missed your error.

        • My apologies. You are correct. It is Bahram. The person who thought you wrong I consider my conscience. Anytime I am wrong, she nails me. Privately. This is the first time she missed.

  1. Which means Congress cut TSA’s budget for this year. Complain to your Congressman.
    end quote

    I’ve complained since they were created in 2001. I’ve had a few arguments with them.

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