Donald Trump has been indicted. By a federal grand jury. Charged with seven counts of wrongdoing. Each of the counts could involve one or more charges within the count.

Information limited. Clearly appears the indictment concerns itself solely with the documents portion of the investigation. More information will be available tuesday afternoon when Trump is arrested and arraigned. His appearance is scheduled for Miami. The trial will take place in Miami.

Of the seven counts, the most serious could be violations of the Espionage Act. Could involve something I have feared since day one. That Trump sold, showed, discussed, etc. contents of a classified document involving the defense, war with or some type of conflict information with a nation considered our enemy. Even worse would be if Trump received money for sharing the information.

Time will tell.

Trump responded to the indictment on Truth Social: “I am an innocent man…..I always put America first….We’re going to make America great again.”

Trump is in a precarious position. Hanging by his fingernails on the edge of a cliff. If he doesn’t realize it, he better soon. Otherwise his most senior years will be spent behind bars.

Back in the early 1960’s when Kennedy was President, Russia was planting missiles on Cuba aimed at the U.S. Key West became the first line of defense. The beaches were covered with artillery guns facing south.

A major confrontation ensued. Russia blinked first and the matter ended short of a shooting war.

A similar problem has arisen. China and Cuba are reportedly nearing a deal to allow China to establish an electronic surveillance base on Cuba. Cuba would be paid billions of dollars.

Such a base would allow China to eavesdrop on communications across the southeastern United States.

Can’t be permitted to happen! Biden’s problem similar to the one which confronted Kennedy.

Roman Emperor Nero died this day 68 A.D. by suicide. He was 30 years old.

An infamous ruler. Notorious for his cruelty and debauchery.

Famous for fiddling while Rome burned (a falsehood) and his persecution of Christians. He was intimate with the wives of Senators. He had 40 Senators put to death, some of which were killed to aid in his sexual conquests. A nice guy he was not.

Nero’s behavior was becoming increasingly erratic. The Senate condemned him to death by crucifixion. His household guard abandoned him. He fled Rome and committed suicide by stabbing himself in the throat with a dagger.

On this day in 1973, Secretariat won the Belmont Stakes making him the first horse since Citation in 1948 to win the Triple Crown.

Only in the Keys. The northern extremity in this case.

A 10 foot alligator blocked traffic monday evening on US 1. On the 18 mile stretch at mile marker 126. The alligator blocked both northbound lanes for more than an hour.

The alligator was reported to have been very angry during the capture procedure.

Three area restaurants failed State inspections during the last 2 weeks in May. The three were issued warnings and scheduled for reinspections.

The three included The Southernmost Beach Cafe at 1405 Duval, Willie T’s on Duval, and the Mexican Chico’s Cantina on Stock Island. All had multiple violations.

I reported yesterday only 2 medical tests left. Good luck! Another has been scheduled. The new one for June 16.

I am not a happy camper!

Enjoy your day!



    • Thank you. She was the best. Never forgot her father. Wanted everyone to remember him. I’ve been crying for a few minutes over her loss. She was a Key West icon in her own right.

  1. Cuba’s then friendship with Russia and now with China, is the natural consequence with Republican’s obsession with protecting the wealthy Cuban immigrant population in Florida, whose wishes are to punish those that wanted them gone.

    Obama knew that making friends instead of an enemy with a country so close, was better than political points with a minority in one state. Republicans NEVER overlook political opportunities.

    Now the rest of us have to pay, once again.

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