Doctoring has become different in recent years. Doctor visits rarely result in a face to face encounter with the doctor. Instead,  patients are examined, etc. by a Physician Assistant or Nurse Practitioner. Professionally trained, but not an M.D.

A primary reason is there are fewer doctors in many areas. Interestingly, most medical offices charge doctor rates even though the patient is not seen by a doctor.

The quality of care an issue. The present day system seems to work well in primary care situations. However, the jury is still out re specialty care.

An interesting article in USA TODAY exploring the problem titled “Physician Assistant, Nurse Practitioner or a Doctor: What Patients Should Know.” The article by Adrianna Rodriguez. I recommend it.

Yesterday’s Citizens’ Voice raised a sensitive local issue as to physicians leaving Key West: “I think we need an investigation as to why doctors are leaving the Key West area.”

I lost 2 cardiac specialists in one year. One by death, the other by retirement. My understanding is there are only 4 remaining cardiologists in Key West. Some primary care physicians have left also.

Why? At my age, I am especially concerned. Thank God for Dr. John Norris and his concierge program. I feel secure in his hands as my primary care giver.

I do not know the answers. I sense as many others do the problem. It requires attention.

DeSantis inspired and motivated school boards on the move. A most recent “gem” is one involving Orange County. The school board requires parental approval for nicknames. Part of its anti-trans policy.

The rain began last night. Came down heavy during the night. Sun shining brightly this morning. More rain is expected today. All part of one of the tropical storms moving past Key West on its way to a Mexican landfall.

Today is National Radio Day. Observed annually in honor of radio’s power to connect, delight and inform. So it is said.

St. Mary Star of the Sea Catholic Church on Truman Avenue was dedicated 119 years ago. On this day in 1904.

If Trump keeps his mouth going 24/7, he will leave judges no choice but to hold him in contempt. Even worse, much of what he has already said will convict him in a court room of certain crimes charged. His mouth helping to bring him down.

Trump has opted to miss the first Republican debate. For 2 reasons. Both valid from my perspective.

First, he is way ahead in the primary polls. Why help the opposition to maybe “get him.” Second, he’s afraid of Chris Christie. Christie would “cut his balls off.”

Bess Levin in an 8/15 Vanity Fair article nailed Trump again. Titled: “Just Say That the Election Was Corrupt, and Leave the Rest To Me.” It references Levin’s belief that Trump is “beyond f–ked” in Georgia. The opening line of her article says it all: “The ex-Presidnet operated like a Mafia boss, and thanks to a new racketeering  charge, may go down like one too.”

South California soon to be hit with a rare hurricane. The anticipated hurricane down to a Category 1. Heavy rain in a short period of time the anticipated problem rather than the wind itself. The thrust of the storm expected to hit today. Named Hilary.

DeSantis’ reboot or rebirth candidacy more like his “last stand.” One in which he is not doing well.

Sad. Lolita the orca has died at the Miami Sea Aquarium after a half century in captivity. Lolita got sick and was dead 2 days later. Doctors treating her said it was the result of a renal condition. She was 57.

Lolita’s “beautiful spirit” made thousands happy over the years.

Hemingway’s words, whether in a novel or merely a statement made in passing, always contain a tinge of awe. Like: “I rewrote the ending to Farewell to Arms, the last page of it, 39 times before I was satisfied.”

Enjoy your Sunday!


  1. Hi Lou, Recently I had emergency surgery in the Lower Keys Medical Center. Coming from Canada I have to say I received the best care and treatment. The surgeon, cardiologist and hospitalists were A1.

  2. Who was the real threat to our nation: Jefferson Davis, or the multitudes of Confederate voters who forced this country to ruin_?

    Who now is the real threat to our nation: Donald Trump, or the multitudes of Republican voters willing to force this country to ruin_?

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