I now have pink eye in both eyes

I cannot recall having had pink eye since I was in grammar school.

My prescription for appropriate eye drops not yet filled.

I am doing good! Said with tongue in cheek, of course.

Received a call yesterday afternoon at 2 from Walgreens. My prescribed drops are no longer produced/made. Company went out of business. What to do? We agreed Walgreens would call my doctor and work it out. A couple of hours later I heard from Walgreens and my doctor’s office. Publix has it. Go to Publix. The prescription has been called in.

It was dinner time. I was not eating. I was propped up in bed. Both eyes were running like faucets. A friend had stopped by with left over eye drops for pink eye. I started using them. Decided Publix could wait till this morning.

No Yacht Club dinner as planned last night. I was scheduled to have dinner with Sean and Katherine. I missed their wedding as I was in Europe at the time. Wanted to celebrate the event with them a bit. Last night was the time.

I would have cancelled on my own by late afternoon. Sean saved me the trouble. Sean is a loyal blog reader. He telephoned in the morning saying they would have to cancel. Sean wears contacts and cannot get near any one with pink eye.

I had a noon appointment with the heart doctor. When one thing goes wrong, everything goes wrong.

I am having a good morning. The blog was much longer. When I went to publish, I somehow lost more than half of it. So I am ending here. Note that I experienced a severe chest pain that required nitroglycerene to releive. Doctor ran some tests. Blood pressure 120/75. Stress and echo tests scheduled for next week. I am not concerned. Yet.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Sorry to see you’re not running on all cylinders…hope things smooth out ASAP! Only 23 days until Northwestern @ Syracuse! I’ll be working the Wyoming @ Texas game that night, so I should be able to catch the Orangemen on ESPN2. I think it’s noon Conch Standard Time.

    We’re trying to save up for a quick KW trip around Christmas and then a longer one again next July. Hope we get a chance to visit again then. We really enjoyed having the opportunity to meet you a couple of weeks ago. We’re still having trouble readjusting to life on the “mainland”. I’d damn sure rather be hot and sticky in Key West than hot and sticky here…

    Take care of yourself and thanks for being our conduit to our little slice o’heaven!

    Billy and Cindy

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