Many dislike Biden today. Including members of the Democratic Party. A similar situation existed in 1948. Truman was President. New York Governor Thomas Dewey was running against him. Truman had nary a friend.

The election result was surprising. Truman won!

On November 3, 1948, the Chicago Tribune jumped the gun and mistakenly declared Dewey winner of the previous day’s Presidential election race in a front page headline: DEWEY DEFEATS TRUMAN.

Truman’s victory was shocking. Not expected. Beside appearing without public support, Truman had no money. Contributors were not inclined to be given to losers.

Media advertising was the way to go. Truman did not have sufficient funds. So he ran a 22,000 mile “whistle stop” railroad and automobile campaign. Truman stopped in every little town along the way. Described himself as the “underdog.” Eventually his appearances took hold. The crowds at his railroad stops grew larger. He spoke from the platform on the last car. People began a chant that grew louder with each stop: “Give them Hell, Harry!”

The Chicago Tribune was not the only media outlet to screw up and announce Dewey winner. H.V. Kaltenborn was America’s leading radio commentator. His voice distinctive. He went on the air announcing Dewey the projected winner.

I had two connections with Truman relating to his campaign and victory.

It was late summer 1948. The summer before eighth grade. Truman’s train would be stopping in Utica. My buddies and I rode our bicycles to the railroad station. We were able to wheel them up right in front of the platform. Truman no more than 5 feet away.

Impressed we were to see and hear the President.

Fast ahead 22 years to 1960. I was a senior at Syracuse University Law School. Truman long retired was appearing to provide several talks.  One of the events scheduled was a private luncheon with what was represented to be the University’s top 12 students. At the time, Syracuse had 35,000 students.

I was selected to represent the Law School. A distinction I thought undeserving. Though I had brought glory to the Law School by excelling in a national competition.

Luncheon was in a private dining room. Two round tables of 7 each. The extra person at one table Truman, at the other a University representative. Seating was arranged. I was seated next to Truman.


Truman kept us entertained during lunch. His pride and humility both obvious.

Truman’s talk humorous. He had us constantly laughing. He spoke primarily of the 1948 election. He brought with him a copy of the Chicago Tribune and laughingly showed it off. He even had a recording of H.V. Kaltenborn’s statement to the nation that he had lost. He first mimicked the recording. Then played it. He had it down to a science!

Be cognizant my friends, the results of political elections can be surprising. How does the saying go…..Don’t count your chickens till they’re hatched?

A no hitter in yesterday’s World Series game. The Astros beat the Phillies 5-0. The Phillies threw 4 or 5 pitchers in on the way to victory. None gave up a hit.

The series now 2-2.

One month ago, I wrote advising there would be a turkey shortage this Thanksgiving. Not only a shortage, also that available turkeys would cost double what they did last year.

Nothing has changed, except the cost might be more than double.

Cost increase is attributable to increased costs turkey farmers have been experiencing: Food, fuel and fertilizer. PLUS, a particularly virulent strain of avian flu. More than 6 million turkeys have already died in 2020 alone. The number is expected to increase in coming weeks.

The Federal Reserve has increased interest rates 0.75 percent for the fourth consecutive time. It represents the sixth overall rate hike this year and represents the Fed’s most aggressive initiative since 1980.

The increase(s) are supposed to work. Have not so far. Their purpose is to break the back of inflation. On the other hand, though the text book approach, will it instead break the bank, break the economy?

Scares me.

Be well.



  1. I think your homily about Truman and the 1948 campaign and election was ‘cute’ and fun, but dated and naive when applied to this year’s election.

    This one will be decided however the Republicans goons want it done. What they can’t get through honest votes they will get by way of dishonesty and litigation. The American public be damned.

  2. Yes Lou, there are a lot of people who don’t like our president, Joe Biden, particularly Republicans. I think it’s safe to say most Republicans actually HATE Joe Biden (our President). But that’s not such a big deal really, Republicans always HATE Democrat presidents. Take the previous US President Barack Obama, Republicans REALLY hated him. Before that there was Bill Clinton. Him they REALLY REALLY hated, and his wife Hillary too, who wasn’t even President. OH, how they HATED her, eh? Thinking back before them there was Jimmy Carter. Crazy HATE then too.

    So yes, not everybody likes Joe Biden, but on a Republican scale of TOTAL hate, he’s really not so bad.

    Why do Republicans HATE so much?

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