December 7. One of the worst days in American history. As President Roosevelt said, “A day that will live in infamy.”

We defeated Japan. A nation that has become one of our closest friends. Personally and competitively.

The American spirit that brought military victory then is not the same today. Changed. Something lacking. We are a different people.

Robert Dole walks with John McCain today. American heroes in the finest sense.

Known to all as Bob Dole, he died in his sleep two days ago at the age of 98.

Dole fought in Europe during World War II. A young man from Kansas, his life plan was to become a doctor. The war interrupted. He became a member of the “greatest generation.”

He was severely wounded in Italy. His recovery time years. His pain and suffering from the wounds continuing to the day he died.

Dole’s suffered a shattered shoulder, withered left arm, his fingers wrapped around an ever present pen should some thoughtless stranger try to shake his hand.

He changed his mind as to his life’s course. He decided on the law and politics.

Dole was elected four times to the Congress and four times to the Senate. He stepped down to run for President on the Republican ticket in 1996. He was defeated by Bill Clinton.

Bipartisan. Old fashioned. Never swore.

He served in the Senate when Republicans and Democrats were congenial. Shared a few drinks and a round or two of cards at the end of a day’s work.

In his later years, he was recognized as the “rational voice of the Republican Party.”

Dole and McCain. Two warriors and statesmen now together in that other world. Looking down on today’s Senate, especially the Republican side, saying, “What a bunch of asses!”

An interesting comment in today’s Citizens Voice: “After moving here the first time in 1978, it is with sadness that we are departing. What was once fun and quirky has become annoying and rude. Thanks for the awesome memories. We wish everyone well.”

I agree with the observation. I have observed the change, also. As have many who have been a part of Key West for many years.

Things were changing before the pandemic. Slowly. Of course, change is inevitable. COVID accelerated the change beyond belief, however.

We now live in a Key West vastly different even from 5 years ago.

Friends gone for various reasons. Old age and money primary reasons. Death another.

Key West is over the hill expense wise. Rent a killer. Everyday expenses just as bad. Restaurants too expensive to eat in.

There is a new breed in town. Most are buying homes to flip them. Those that remain different. I cannot put my finger on it. However sufficiently different that I care not socializing with many. I recognize my concern, my problem.

I am not a snob. Nor are the many long timers in Key West who feel as I do. For whatever reason, the new “breed” who have arrived. As stated in the Comment: “Annoying and rude.”

The change is like a train traveling rapidly down hill whose brakes are not functioning. The change cannot be stopped. Key West is swiftly becoming a new world.

A villa in Greece or Italy or moving somewhere north in Florida a diminishing possibility. Age the key factor. If I was not so old, I would have been gone by now.

“Money” keeps floating in Keys’ waters or floating up on beaches. Generally, marijuana. Over the weekend, nearly 69 pounds of cocaine with an estimated value just under $1 million.

Amanda Gorman. The 22 year old poet who thrilled the nation at Biden’s inauguration. Now 23, her career as a poet is progressing rapidly.

Gorman’s “debut” poetry collection has been published: Call Us What We Carry. Gorman has taken our country’s past and through it reveals what she thinks will correct the present place the nation finds itself in.

I have read portions. A dynamite read. A must read!

Amy Coney Barrett was Trump’s last appointment to the Supreme Court. When announced, I wrote about her several times in October. My voice loud and clear. She was a disaster in the making. She disappoints me not.

The Mississippi abortion case rawly exposes her thinking. She, a woman, believes women are “incubators.”

Her solution to abortion is adoption. Dismisses the need to have a law permitting abortions.

What concerns me is her mental state. The same state of mind exhibited by the other conservative Justices. They all think they are upholding justice with their radical thinking. Even worse, they believe their decisions require tremendous courage and they are not afraid to make them.

Spoilers all!

Recall the song Spinning Wheel? Its opening words: “What goes up must come down / Spinning wheel…..”

The reverse is true also

I am referring to the stock market.

The DOW closed up 646 points yesterday. Recently, the DOW had drops of 900 and 600 points.

The ups and downs reflect an instability in the market. Experts claim the market is merely correcting itself. What if the market drops and keeps dropping for several days. A major recession. Just like that in a matter of days.

Woe then is we.

Enjoy your day!

23 comments on “DECEMBER 7…..ROBERT DOLE

  1. We were recently in Key West, the week before Thanksgiving, for the first time since before the pandemic. I agree with you about how things have changed. One off our friends commented that it seems like the island was packed with cruise ship people.

    There were no Cruise Ships in Key West that whole week.

    Key West used to be wacky – now it’s just tackey

  2. Lou, have you seen the HBO special “4 Hours at the Capital”?

    Brutal and outrageous. How can anyone ever trust these thugs again! And they later tried to blame it on leftists?


  3. Dole, like many similar Republicans are not my cup of tea. Still they are a world ahead of what some GOP members have become. I doubt that political party will fully recover.

  4. Key West had gone through a number of changes over many years. I suppose some had strong opinions on those changes, for better or worse. I expect KW, to transform into a Disney-like destination selling an illusion at a very-very high price-tag.

    • I would hope you are right, but it seems to me it is going much more along the lines of the Waffle House tourist, who doesn’t really have a clue what Key West is or was.

      The powers tat be in Key West should understand that won’t last with these fickle heads, they’ll want to go where there’s far more ample parking for their pickup trucks.

      Not sure we’ll be back, at least not for awhile.

  5. I park my pickup truck where ever I go, Old Town included. Its not much of an issue.

    The personality of Key West certainly has changed over the past 25 years.

    • Yeah, more inconsiderate idiots who drive pickup trucks in Key West, then flaunt it because they think that’s cut and hey, fuk everybody else.

  6. To make up for all the pickup trucks I’m sure you ride your bike or drive a Smart Car. That way you fuk only half the number of folks.

    • Nope, simple Ford Escort, I’d like something fancier, but really have no need. It get’s me around Key West and anywhere else just fine and my wife doesn’t need a step stool to get into it. Nor do I need to fuk anybody else for no reason at all, apart from thinking my truck is some sort of comment on my manhood.

  7. Manhood aside, an Escort can’t hold the supplies and tools I need. A pickup serves double duty for folks that work for a living.

    • Good for you, but that’s what everybody says who owns a pick up. Statistics show that something like 93% of all pick up truck miles driven are with a single driver and an empty bed.

      Yeah, I know that’s not you, even though your attitude (“I park my pickup truck where ever I go, Old Town included”) suggests otherwise.

  8. As said, double duty. It doesn’t bother me that you don’t don’t like or have a use for a truck. Drive one for awhile, it may change your mind.

    • I have/do. We have a Colorado in my business for when we need it. I don’t drive it much, don’t need to. But it drives like a truck and is definately not comfortable. It’s awkward on KW streets and I convinced I’m going to kill somebody with it some day. Impossible to park.

  9. If there comes a day when all I need is a little Escort, maybe thats what I’ll drive. But I can’t imagine ever stopping building or fixing stuff, that requires an un-empty bed.

  10. Regardless of the size of the vehicle, full size pickup or the midget of the Ford line, they each take up one parking space.

    Large service and delivery trucks are able to wind their way through the town.

    Once the town is known, parking is not much of an issue. Park out of the way and then start walking. Its a good town to walk through.

    • You are in denial on this. I drive a pick up and live in town. It IS a problem, particularly in Old Town. Sure you can make it work, but Key West with bigger vehicles is a problem. Don’t deny it, that makes us all look stupid.

  11. I make it work without much issue. If it becomes a problem, I’ll tackle it. If its a problem for you then do what works best for you. Thats all there is to it. If I was in town full time and had no need for a large vehicle I’d have an old Mini or Morris wagon, etc.

    • Of course you’ll make it work for YOU, that’s the problem. How about you make it work for US?

      Our problem is that people come to our town with no thought to how THEIR behavior effects us, the people who live here. If you drive your pickup south of White street (Old Town) it can be a problem, streets are narrow, parking is a problem, not everybody is behaving. Have SOME respect.

      Oh, and if you can find a Morris wagon, don’t park it on the street, I’ll grab it.

  12. Well, you’re right about some people not behaving. But, driving and keeping the vehicle in the correct lane and parking correctly in one parking space is not disrespectful. I’m not concerned about parking as close to something/somewhere as possible. As said, I don’t have a problem parking off the beaten path and walking.
    I’ve owned old Coopers and Morris’. If I ever get another we’ll go for a ride.

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