DAYS 31 and 32 continued

Me again. I could not finish the blog. Computer was giving me a hard time. Opted to try this. Hope it works.

Remember to read the previous post bearing same date first.

The long boat trip gave me a chance to see many of the Greek isles. We were in and out of about 10 of them picking up passengers.

Politics could not be avoided. I was speaking with some Italian and Greek passengers. Fortunately, all spoke English.

Italian former Prime Minister Berlusconi is on his way back. He beat a sex charge involving seventeen year old and won some sort of local election soon thereafter. Berlusconi is running again for the Prime Minister’s job. The election is next year.

Of the roughly 17 European nations making up the euro bunch, Italy is in the third worst shape. Only Spain and Greece are behind. Greece is last. Berlusconi has started blaming the Greeks for everything. He is siding with the Germans. The Greeks screwed up is his position.

I shuddered. History repeats itself. The scenario reminded me of the late 1930s when Mussolini joined with Hitler.

I further thought how dumb! Didn’t this guy realize that Italy will be one of the next. Sucking up will not avoid the grasp of the bill collecting Germans.

An example of how heated the conversation got was the boat we were on and ATM machines. The boat was built/bought 10 years ago with euro dollars. The Italian said that euronation dollars had built the boat. Not Greece’s money. Further, he said that money the Greeks were taking out of ATM machines was made up of Italian and euronation dollars. In effect, the Greeks were free loading…..all the way around.

I fear worse is yet to come.

Last night was a replay. Went ot Playka. To the same outdoor cafe I drank at several times three weeks ago. The manager saw me a nd shouted out…..Louis! He embraced me. I had dinner on the poor side of Acropolis. At the restaurant where the Greeks danced. under brightly lite Acropolis. Only one problem. Business was poor last night. Only three tables in use. No music. The food compensated. I had huge grilled lamb chops. The kind with fat. The taste spectacular!

Before leaving for dinner, I went to the bar and put down two gins. a magnificent big city type bar. Just like New York City. Then it was downstairs for a manicure.

Chrysa did me. A lovely young lady. did a good job. We chatted. She was born and raised in Greece. Has a friend in New Jersey. She visits the friend on occasion. she thinks she may be cak visiting the last week of November and the first week of December. they are planning on driving to Florida. I asked…..South Beach and Key West? I do not think she understood these places. Her answer was Orlando. I told her we all love Mickey Mouse and she should go. But afterwards keep going south till you hit South Beach and then Key West.

I know Chrysa will be reading this blog today. Come to Key West! When you arrive, go to the Chart Room at the Pier House Hotel. I am there most evenings at cocktail hour. If not, tell the bartender who you are and how I may contact you. Do not miss South Beach and Key West!

I had a quick breakfast of nothing this morning. A double espresso. It was like drinking acid!

Enjoy your day!

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