Manchin issued a statement thursday evidencing once again his turncoat colors. The issue Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. His tune consistent with that of the Republican Party: Programs wrong, something needs to be done, etc.

His attack 5 days before the mid term elections. He could not wait till after the elections.

He has become the Benedict Arnold of the Democratic Party.

Manchin called for a bipartisan deal to protect the solvency of the three programs. His cry: “We cannot live with the crippling debt.”

Manchin has millions. He does not have to worry about the help Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid provide those who have not been as fortunate as he has.

His cry consistent with his Republican friends. Social Security, etc. is burying us. Such bullshit!

Few elected to Congress understand the Social Security program. They believe insolvency of the Social Security Trust Fund may occur as early as 2026. They are told this by other uniformed political leaders and certain lobbyists.

I have written the true story over the years. I ask that you read my writing. Only one. The last one. I wrote it on 12/28/21. Titled: The Social Security Lie. It incorporates my first titled The Theft of Social Security 10/20/13. I wrote another in 2016 titled The Rape of Social Security.

You need only read the 12/28/21 publication. It lays the story out in detail, including the cure if one is required.

Trump is a teflon person. Amazing how he still stands with all the legal actions pending against him and his numerous court room failures.

He has taken another blow. Properly imposed.

A New York Supreme Court Justice ordered an Independent Monitor to make sure the Trump organization does not transfer any of its assets without court approval. Such done at the request of New York Attorney General Letitia James. She does not trust Trump, his family or people. James brought a civil lawsuit against the Trump organization. She properly fears the Trump organization might try to move assets out of New York and into foreign accounts in order to avoid the State from collecting should it win. The State’s victory appears certain.

Syracuse basketball begins monday night. Against Lehigh.

The team in a building mode this year. Six freshmen on the team. It is expected Syracuse will have a winning season, but not enough to make the NCAA Tournament.

Who knows?

Syracuse football this afternoon at 3:30. Syracuse plays Pittsburg.

Syracuse 6-2, having lost its last 2 games. Pittsburg 4-4. Syracuse a 4 point favorite.

Big lunch today! Steve Thompson and I are meeting at Louie’s Backyard at 12:30 for lunch. I’m looking forward to it.

Be well.




  1. Cvics and Social Studies are no longer required in all High Schools. It’s up to individual states and school districts to do this. It has been that way now, for quite some time.

    Guess what parts of the country, don’t really know much about our country really works.

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