Great evening! Cocktails at 7 in town. Seattle’s Cathy Hokla.

Cathy and I met through this blog. She was an avid reader. We met face to face for the first time when she visited Key West for a month recently.

Cathy lived in Key West in the 1980’s. She can tell excellent stories about the Key West of those years..

She is moving to Florida. For no other reason than she wants to. The Miami area. She has been in Florida the past few days interviewing for a job at two of the universities in Miami.

Can’t be this close without visiting Louis. She is here for 48 hours. My time last night and today.

As you are aware, I rarely go out. Must break the habit. In any event, we ended up at La Te Da for dinner.

It was good to be back. The food was excellent. I stayed with the duck. It was also good to see Chris again. We go back to Antonia’s.

Cathy is staying at the Casa Marina. The room costing here something like a $1,000 a day. Crazy!

We will be spending today together.

I have a new cell phone. My “old one” was 12 years old. It was time.

Visited Verizon. Service was excellent. The manager Brandon Brady took care of me.

Difficult accommodating to a new phone. Three calls to Brandon yesterday afternoon. A 10 o’clock appointment this morning to work out 2 additional problems. Problems caused by my ignorance.

The service was fine.

Sex and drugs. A great combination! Appears some Washington legislators are into it.

Another example of the decay permeating our elected representatives.

North Carolina Congressman Madison Cawthorn spilled the beans. He operates out of a wheel chair due to a recent auto accident.

On a podcast last week, he revealed he had been invited to a sex party by another Congressman who said he and his wife were going. Cocaine would be available.

He declined.

The Republicans are up in arms. Cawthorn is a Republican Congressman. They all say…..not me! Kevin McCarthy appeared on TV for 30 minutes with Cawthorn. McCarthy of course denied his Republican brethren would do sex and drugs. Tried to make Cawthorn say he was wrong.

Cawthorn’s position re withdrawing his statement: “I will never lay down to the mob.”

I recall a time when sexual involvement by a Congressman resulted in his resignation. No more. Deviant sex and drugs ok today.

A fine example for the young of the nation.

Jared Kushner testified before the January 6 Committee yesterday for 7 1/2 hours. Voluntarily. He had little to contribute. He was flying back from Saudi Arabia that day and never went to the White House when he returned.

The Committee nevertheless said his testimony leading up to January 6 was helpful.

Ivanka has agreed to testify, also. No need for a subpoena. Her testimony could be interesting. She was in the room that day where the President watched on TV several times. Even asked her father to issue a statement twice.

I believe the two are wise to testify. Let other heads roll.

The Will Smith/Chris Rock story goes on. Time to put it to rest. Regardless of what Smith does to explain, he comes out of it looking like an ass. Rock on the other hand a person of class.

Rock has declined to prosecute.

Enjoy your day!

2 comments on “COCKTAILS AT 7 AT LA TE DA

  1. Republicans have really decayed over the years, I remember when they were the party of responsibility and decorum, not any more.

    Love La Te Da! It used to be the place to go, not so much anymore. Last time we were in Key West it was empty. Was it busy when you were there?

    • err…. that’s not really true, although that’s what the GOP always wanted you to think. Take Roger Stone (yes, that Roger Stone) for example, he and his wife Nydia were regulars of notorious private sex club Capitol Couples in Washington D.C. in the mid-1990s. He even had to “pull out” of Bob Doles 1996 Presidential campaign because of this and other sex related issues involving lots of Republicans.

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