The Good Book says “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.” Mark 12:17.

There are some who are forgetful of the mandate. Even those who wear the collar and frock. A Catholic priest, for example.

I view such persons as “nuts.” Mentally depraved.

The Catholic Church wonders why fewer and fewer attend Mass. Why many Churches have closed.

Two reasons therefore. The extreme rules of Catholicism and priests who promote non-existent rules.

The “hero” of this story is Father James Altman of St. James The Less Catholic Church in La Croce, Wisconsin.

He frequently attacks Catholics who are Democrats.

Father Altman is anti-vaccine. He believes vaccines are useless and anyone who imposes virus-related protocols will burn in the “lowest levels” of hell.

Father Altman writes in the St. James Church Bulletin that a “vaccine is an experimental use of a genetic altering substance that modifies your body – your temple of the Holy Spirit.”

The Bulletin article warned that it is “diabolical” for anyone to shove or compel someone into getting a shot and making “you nothing other than a guinea pig.”

He also wrote, “God is still the best doctor and prayer is still the best medicine.”

Father Altman spoke at the recent Palm Sunday Mass. He said COVID-19 protocols are “godless” and “Nazi-esque controls.” He called “Democrats godless” and warned they would go to hell if they did not repent.

Father Altman’s Bishop is William Callahan. He apparently has his hands full with Altman. He opposes Altman’s words. However, he recognizes that times are different but that does not give anyone permission to use a religious post as a “tool of condemnation.”

Yeas ago, a Bishop could shut Altman down. Not today. The Catholic Church is equally divided on most issues. A Bishop’s power is not what it was.

The cruise ship war continues.

The bill was supposed to come up today for vote. It would have passed with no difficulty. As Donald Trump might say, the vote was “rigged.” It then would have gone to Governor DeSantis for signing. The signing must be done by friday.

The bill was pulled yesterday afternoon with no reason being given.

A fortuitous occurrence might be the reason why.

Pier B Development is a large concrete dock in Key West. Can handle the largest of cruise ships. The owner of Pier B Development is Delray Beach resident Mark Walsh.

It was revealed in the past few days that Walsh had made a political contribution to Governor DeSantis earlier in the year in an amount just under $1 million. Nine hundred ninety five thousand dollars to be exact.

Whether the revelation of the donation had anything to do with the bill being pulled, I do not know. The facts require additional information.

It has been obvious from the beginning that little Key West was not playing on a level field. Tallahassee was deaf to Key West’s arguments. The cruise ship lines and businessmen were carrying the day.

It is going to be interesting to see what happens between now and friday.

I wrote about Mae West twice in recent days. My second writing mentioned John Wayne. He carried a small part as a villain in West’s first film She Done Him Wrong. I mentioned Wayne would not become a star for 5 more years. It was his performance in Stagecoach that made him a star.

I watched Stagecoach on TV yesterday. The John Wayne of Stagecoach was the same heroic figure we all came to love and respect in his subsequent movies.

It was exciting to watch Wayne and Stagecoach knowing the film was his entry into stardom.

Read this morning that Key West is one of the U.S.’s ten top vacation spots for this summer. Number 6 to be exact.

Does not excite me. Means more people on a small island that already cannot handle the burgeoning crowds.

It continues to amaze me how long it takes to repair hurricane caused damage.

Irma was 9/10/2017. Repairs still not complete. It was announced this week that work was to begin to repair damage caused by Hurricane Irma to Keys bridges.

I was out last night! Dinner with Jean and Joe Thornton at La Te Da. We had a wonderful time!

Jean was out without her crutches. Ankle taped. Moved around well.

Jean and Joe were self-quarantined as I was. We discussed how a year or more of not going out screws a person up a bit. They are past the problem. They have been out every night so far in Key West and that odd feeling is behind them.

I need to go out more.

As to be expected, the dinner was excellent. I enjoyed crispy duck.

Except for one person, I knew no one. Apparently tourists or new Key West home owners. The one person I knew was Tom Luna. One of the most respected persons in Key West. A good guy!

You will recall Tom and Rick Dery in  Aqua’s Dueling Bartenders for years. It was good to see him again. He is bartending at La Te Da.

Tuesday night again. My Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou show. Nine my time. A fast moving half hour.

Join me. Listen to me rant and rave as to my likes and dislikes. Guaranteed you will enjoy!

Enjoy your day!




  1. The Catholic Church’s absurdity with anti Vaccine, is beyond belief. But like everything else with the “Church” – it will be ignored.

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