Cat on a Hot Tin Roof…..One of Tennessee Williams most famous plays. The play opened in New York City this date in 1955.

Tennessee Williams is an integral part of Key West history. Key West was his residence for some 40 odd years. His home on Duncan Street. A block from Lisa’s present home.

The play’s opening was two days before Williams 44th birthday. Amazing! Such talent at an early age. Williams began receiving literary awards when he was 35.

Got a head start on next week’s KONK Life column yesterday afternoon. Began researching…..Ma, Ma, Where’s My Pa? The story of President Grover Cleveland’s race for the Presidency. During the campaign, it was revealed Cleveland may have fathered an illegitimate child. The column involves who did what when the event became public knowledge.

Not a nice story.

Stopped at a cocktail party last night in Sugarloaf. Dinner afterwards at Square Grouper. An excellent restaurant.

Historic ships available for viewing today through sunday at the Bight. The event sponsored by the Historic Ships in Key West organization.

I initially thought it was tall ships similar to those I had viewed in Boston Harbor some years ago. It is not. Nevertheless, interesting.

Three vessels are available for viewing and touring. One a replica of the Spanish galleon El Galen Andalucio.

This week’s KONK Life column hit the stands yesterday. Linked to my Key West Lou website this morning. Titled: “Women, You Have To Treat Them Like Shit.” Donald Trump’s words.

I was amazed to learn how extensive sea turtle poaching is. A black market world wide. Poachers galore. Big money.

Sea turtles in the U.S. are listed as endangered or threatened. Most U.S. turtles can be found in waters along southern states. Florida obviously home to many, The Keys especially.

Turtles are poached and resold for their shells, parts, and human consumption. All expensive for  illegal purchasers. U.S. laws prohibit the buying, selling or importing of sea turtle products.

Additional laws to protect sea turtles are being adopted. An ongoing effort. Florida involved in the effort.

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  1. In early 70s I ordered bacon and eggs at Port au Prince restaurant Le Rond Point downtown near wharf. Eggs had such large yolks and were so tasty. The Haitian waiter told me they were from big turtles caught out in the bay.

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