Calico Jack was a famous pirate during the Golden age of Piracy early in the 18th century. His successful career lasted only a few years. He was captured and hung for his crimes in 1770 at the age of 37. He execution by hanging at Port Royal, British Jamaica.

Though a pirate of successful reputation, he is better recalled historically because of the two female companions that sailed with him. Note  that women on pirate ships were a no no. Bad luck. Generally killed by a male ship mate. Calico’s 2 ladies were fortunate, however. They survived.

The two ladies were Anne Bonny, his true love. The other, Mary Read.

Bonny was married to another when she sailed away with Calico. Did not affect their relationship. Calico and Bonny slept as man and wife.

Read had snuck on board dressed as a male. She passed as such for a while. Eventually discovered. Her fellow male crew mates did not try to kill her. Read was one tough lady. In fact, Bonny was also. When battle was imminent, they dressed in male attire and fought and killed as men would.

Eventually, Bonny and Read fell in love. A meretricious relationship developed. Crew mates referred to them as the “Pirate Queens.”

Calico was jealous. He threatened to “cut Mary’s throat.”

Calico remained an unhappy camper. It is thought Calico’s state of mind because of the ladies might have affected his judgment and was a factor in his being captured and hung.

The weather outside continues to be frightful. Wowie! Cold!!! Temperature today will have a high of 62 and low of 55. On the low side at the moment.

This cold rare. One of its tell tale signs is water from the faucet. Extremely cold. Most times, warm. I drink bottled water cooled from the refrigerator. Not required this morning. I was rinsing my hands in the kitchen sink and forgot how cold the water would be. The cold burst was a shock.

The opposite occurs in August and July. The water from the faucet is warm. Heated warm water not required for a shower. The cold water warm enough.

Harry Truman died this day in 1972 in Independence, Missouri. He was 88 years old. Consistent with his nature and desire, he was buried in a “very subdued” and private funeral in Independence.

Robert and I visited yesterday. I am very proud of him. He has completed his first semester at Florida State University and received his final grades. Straight A’s.

Grandson, keep up the good work!

The Bible predicts sinners will diminish in number to be replaced by the good: “When the wicked are in authority, sin flourishes, but the godly will live to see their downfall.” Proverbs 29:16.

Steve Thompson returns! He shares his recollection of another 1970’s character. Monkey Tom.

He was my favorite artist in Key West. His shrimp boat paintings on driftwood were the best.

Junior Olympic swimmer and ex-Navy vet, he was the first Key West “character” I met. He was happily homeless and never owned a car. Hung out on lower Duval and never went far.

He slept on Christmas Tree Island every night. Swam back and forth; what a sight.

He had a pet monkey whose name was Igor, who rode on his back to Simonton shore.

He sold his paintings in front of my taco store. They were so reasonable anyone could afford. Once or twice a year he ended up in jail. They let him trade his paintings to pay his bail.

When Old Town started picking up in the Seventies, he moved to Stock Island a mile up the Keys. Everyone knew him. He drank Pabst Blue-Ribbon beer, rode his bike, sold paintings, and was happy there.

I don’t think he ever returned to Old Town, but you’re bound to see his paintings around.


Enjoy your day!



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