Talk about the high cost of groceries!

Certain stores take high priced items and place them under lock and key. Visible, but not available to human touch for fear of theft.

The caution has reached a grocery supermarket in England. Applies to a usual sized tub of butter. Like one pound. Brand name Lurpak. Cost in English pound 5.35. The lock and key is a “security net.” The supermarket Aldi.

A few months ago, I wrote that sportswriters were treating golfer Jon Rahm unfairly. He had been on a winning streak. Sort of a Johnny come lately. They did not feel he had achieved star status yet.

This year alone prior to this week’s Masters, he had won 4 tournaments. Yesterday, he won the Masters.

Does he now qualify for star status?

A great tournament! Rahm began the day 4 strokes out and ended up winning by 4 strokes.

More significantly was Phil Mickelson. He ended up tied for second place 4 strokes behind Rahm. Mickelson somewhere around 50 years old. In his declining year as a golf star. It was exciting to watch him play yesterday where he shot a 65.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. announced this past week he is running for President in 2024. He is seeking the Democratic nomination.

Kennedy is the nephew of John F. Kennedy and the son of Robert F. Kennedy. He is neither talent wise. He is an odd ball on the family tree.

Proof are those supporting him. Very few. The most notable and his mentor is Steve Bannon. Bannon said Kennedy would make a great “chaos agent” in the Democratic primary.

Bess Levin is a critical political writer for Vanity Fair. She generally is right on. Pulls no punches.

Last November she wrote an article re Rupert Murdoch and Donald Trump. Fit like a glove then, fits like a glove now.

The article published November 10, 2022 was titled: Rupert Murdoch Knees Trump in the Balls While He’s Doubled Over Coughing Up Blood.

The article was clear Trump was no longer in Murdoch’s “warm embrace.” Nothing has changed since. If anything, the two are further apart. The FOX/Dominion lawsuit the influencing factor.

Levin wrote back in November: “The message from the Murdoch owned New York Post, Wall street Journal, and FOX News is clear: Pack your bags bitch. You’re done.”


A mass shooting occurred minutes ago in a bank in Louisville, Kentucky. Five dead, six hospitalized. One of the dead may be the shooter. Quick police arrival. Shooting on going when first police arrived. No other information available.

Manhattan indictment now behind Trump. He has been indicted. 

Is there a next indictment? I would put my money on Georgia. Could occur in the next few weeks. As soon as by the end of this month.

It will be a WOW!.

The Jose Marti Monument continues to maintain its prominent position in Bayview Park. Marti a part of Key West history.

It was on this day in 1937 the Monument was unveiled. Marie Gusten, Matron of the Mercedes Hospital, presided over the ceremony.

Party time tonight. Boys Night Out. Six of us for dinner at La Te Da. Most Syracuse University related.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Yeah, another brutal gun killin’ in red states, where is all those good guys?

    Between Covid and gun killings, we are reducing off those MAGA fools, one by one!

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