I fear history may be repeating itself.

Cheney and Rumsfeld told us Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. So did others in Bush 2’s administration. We bought it. Sounded ominous.

No weapons of mass destruction were ever found. Many Americans died and wounded in a war based on improper data. A war that never should have been.

Now come along Bolton and Pompeo. Two warmongers. Men who have the ear of Trump.

Pompeo yesterday describing Iran’s recent evil deeds in the Gulf of Oman reminded me of Cheney and the weapons of mass destruction.

Pompeo sounded convincing. However, I assume most listened with skepticism after Iraq. At least, I hope.

The U.S. has been squeezing Iran under Trump. Wrongly so. Because of sanctions imposed, Iran is hurting, becoming desperate. If the tanker situation is true, Iran has been forced into the position for which it is now being condemned.

Israel and Saudi Arabia hunger for the U.S. to engage Iran in war. Israel wants to guarantee its own protection. Saudi Arabia wants Iran’s oil. Both want to be king pins in the Middle East. U.S. involvement is required. Each has sucked up to Trump since he became President.

Fortunately, Trump dislikes war. So far. The man is not stable. Becoming increasingly so. You don’t know what he will do next.

Beware, beware, beware. Such is my message.

I have another concern. You will probably think I’m crazy. But it has been in my mind for quite a while..

I worry at some point for some crazy reason Trump will want to take over the U.S.  Impose martial law on all the U.S. The man wants to be King, not President. Forever.

I have been concerned the past 2 years with Trump’s buildup of ICE. I have referred to the stronger ICE as Hitler’s Gestapo.

The Border Control people concern me also. They have increased in strength in the past 2 years.

Heavy stuff. Think about it. Be concerned. Our government itself lacks stability. Anything is possible.

To pleasant local news.

I enjoyed a long and tasteful lunch at Geiger Key yesterday. The mood just right.

Other than Geiger Key, other portions of my day were spent watching the U.S. Open. It will be the same today.

Today is Flag Day.

The first Flag Day was held in 1877. One hundred years after the adoption of the Stars and stripes. At the same time as the U.S.’s Centennial Celebration.

Congress was primarily responsible. Instructed that the U.S. flag henceforth be flown from all public buildings in the U.S.

In 1949, Congress officially designated June 14 as Flag Day, a day of national observance.

Which brings us to the story of Betsy Ross. The women alleged to have made the first American flag.

Not historical fact. Many believe Ross’ story to be myth or fantasy.

No one heard of Betsy Ross and the first flag at the time it was purportedly sewn during the Revolutionary War. It became “knowledge” 100 years later as the U.S. was preparing for its Centennial Celebration

Ross had a grandson named William Canaby. He did an historical research paper indicating his grandmother Betsy Ross had made the first flag. Canaby was of questionable reputation. Many historians believe he was a con artist trying to make a buck.

Historians so believing, view the Betsy Ross story as similar to George Washington and the cherry tree. A myth repeated often enough that some believe it to be fact.

Canaby’s story took hold, however. America at the time was extremely patriotic and Ross’ story was a perfect one for the patriotism sweeping the country. Americans at the time were anxious for any and all stories of patriotism connected to the Revolutionary War.

The Ross story has yet to receive the accolade of being fact. It is a legend. Correct, however?

There is another version. One also considered credible.

Betsy Ross operated an upholstering store in Philadelphia. She also made flags. Not uncommon at the time. People went to an upholstering business to have a flag made.

Her store was actually a front for a house of ill repute. Ross the Madam. The ladies selling their wares in back rooms.

Ross was a loyal American in the making. She wanted to help the cause. She had her “girls” elicit as much information as they could while entertaining British soldiers.

Which is truth and which is fiction?

It is important to note that Betsy Ross’ name never came up till the early 1870’s when her grandson William Canaby was trying to sell “her story” to the Centennial people.

Enjoy your day!





  1. If you think about it, Trump really hasn’t “made” anything at all, aside from letting the wealthy and corporations keep more of their money by lowering their tax rates. All he has “done” is remove things that were meant to make peoples lives better and healthier.

  2. You say Trump “the man is not stable”. I understand you don’t like him. I understand you may not like his policies. I would possibly agree his tweets are sometimes a bit much. Honestly though, since elected president what has he done that is “Unstable”.

  3. “Trump blames Iran for oil tanker attack, won’t say how US plans to respond! “

    OK I’ll respond … This was the ABC headline news detailing Trumps response to Iran attacking an oil tanker.
    Let’s see…he is taking time to evaluate the facts. Confer with his experts both republican and democrats ( remember any war/conflict needs log term congressional funding) and will make a decision based on the facts he is presented!

    Only to someone who has a complete case on TDS is this the actions of a leader that is “unstable”.

    Lou.., ok you HATE him fine …
    tell me where Trump is Unstable!

    • It is laughable when the question is asked “where is Trump unstable”…. it is on display daily. The conservatives effort to minimize and normalize is failing and 2020 will be the tell. Trump keeps his base, the rest take the higher road.

      • Just trolling by the same old pathetic fool who has an inflated misrepresentation about his own cleverness. What he doesn’t ‘get’ is how bad it makes his so called ‘conservatives’ look or how it emphasizes his own pathetic life.

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