Great bocce last night!

We won 1 out of 3 games. I mentioned yesterday morning we would be happy with one victory. So no complaints this morning.

The interesting thing is all the games were relatively close. We held our own against the best.

No question, this has been the best season ever for us. Not a fluke. We have gotten consistently better over the years. Our game has moved to another level.

The loss will probably not affect our 3rd place standing.

Next week is the last night of this season.

Had a follow up visit with Dr. Jackie Lefferts yesterday afternoon re my fall. I still have occasional pain when I move certain ways. A muscle/ bruised rib injury. I am mending. Pain 75 percent better.

An interesting development. More and more locals who attended Fantasy Fest this year are complaining about the nudity and sex. The people I am speaking with are not goody two shoes. They are fun people, out on the town most evenings. They found the conduct bothersome. Thought the problem generated from the swinger involvement.

I will be interviewed between 12:20 and 12:40 this afternoon on KONK News. 104.9. The discussion concerns this week’s KONK Life column Dracula in the Operating Room. Love the title!

Trump continues to make questionable statements. Whether they will affect his standing remains to be seen.

Trump is big on immigration. He said he is going to use a deportation force to remove the 11 million illegals from the United States. Sounds to me like the Gestapo rounding up Jews in Nazi Germany.

Trump relies as authority for what he wants to do with what Eisenhower did with 1.1 million illegal immigrants in 1954. Eisenhower used a deportation force. I like Ike. He screened up in this instance, however.

Ships were used in some instances to move the illegals. A Congressional investigation following the deportations described one ship as an “18th century slave ship” and “penal hell ship.”

What has begun at the University of Missouri and spread to Yale and Ithaca College bothers me. Protests, demonstrations and revolutions have in recent years been led by the young. Many, if not most, college students.

The demonstrations against the police re black killings and now these college demonstrations involve young demonstrators. I worry that at some point one might get out of hand and ignite a national conflagration. Don’t say no. Things are not as they should be in every area today. Nothing is impossible.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. “The demonstrations against the police re black killings and now these college demonstrations involve young demonstrators. I worry that at some point one might get out of hand and ignite a national conflagration. Don’t say no. Things are not as they should be in every area today. Nothing is impossible.”

    I totally agree and wonder exactly what the demonstrators want? Anarchy? While there are bad police officers just like there are bad people (e.g. police are people) most officers just try to keep order and stay alive in a nation with 300 million firearms and a world filled with a lot of crazy, mad and outright evil people. As a retired office myself, glad to be out of the trade given today’s lunacy, I know my brothers and sisters are holding back, knowing they will be damned if they do or do not act and judged mercilessly from every corner and then thrown under the bus, all for a pretty average salary. Not worth the effort so I can tell you crime will be rising, can you say South Africa? It will not be fun and you had best be a great shot and fast draw like the Outlaw Josey Wales as that is where this is heading.

    I predict this will not end well and a national conflagration is indeed a very real and frightening possibility. Obviously it would accomplish nothing but fuel fears and create more anarchy from what was once stability; hurting and killing many innocents in the process. We had better wise up fast as a nation but given what I see and hear I have doubts we ever can. The Clown Bus of politicians running for the Presidency is no solace, but adds to the fear we are doomed.

  2. Trump. I’m thinking he shot himself in the foot yesterday.

    Demonstrations. Maybe its time to turn on the fire hoses and let the dogs loose.

  3. Today you touched two nerves… one on Vietnam Vets and one on illegals.

    Thank you (and Key West) for your comments on the Vietnam veterans. I am one.,, I was an Air Commando and I lost a year of my life in a futile effort to give South Vietnam AND Laos AND Cambodia a chance at self determination. I know lots of people don’t agree that was a good thing, but the way this country treated our military when they returned is shameful. I’m glad the country is finally acknowledging the sacrifice of those that did their duty. I can now proudly display the Vietnam Campaign medal I earned without fear of being chastised.

    I don’t know if Trump’s or Ike’s solution is the only answer on illegal immigration. However, we have to do something about those that choose to enter this country illegally and I have heard no solution better than Trump’s. It’s simple… someone that breaks the law and enters this country illegally should be deported. They should not be coddled and they should not be handled with kid gloves. They broke the law… period. I know there are questions about those that have children that are U.S. Citizens. My question is… how did we let them stay here long enough to have children in this country. We need to send a message… if you come into this country illegally you will be deported… not maybe… you will be deported. And it will not be a pleasure trip to get you back home. For so long authorities (and others) have ignored this problem and it’s way past time to do something about it.

    With that “off my chest”, I hope to see you in the spring and maybe we can have a drink… or two… or three in the Chart room.

  4. I agree. Too much was lost in scenic southeast Asia. I will never forget what happened or how we were treated and I can not yet forgive.

    • Was it Trump who said something disparaging about Senator McCains’ “stay” at the Hanoi Hilton as a POW. Trump would not have lasted one day there.

      My own Father-in-Law was overrun by the Chinese at the Yalu River in Korea and a “guest” of the Chinese for 4 horrible years. He was shot three times and has three purple hearts and numerous stars and medals as he stood his ground as a Major in the US Army and paid for it dearly. This after 4 years in the Pacific in WW2. Now THAT is a truly bad multiple deployment.

      He came back a different man and thankfully still fathered my lovely wife of 30 years. He also did not like Chinese food.

      We treated the Vietnam Veterans terribly and now is their due in my book. I recall as a young kid wondering how we lost Vietnam when every night Walter Cronkite showed the numbers of dead and missing and we were always “winning.”

  5. McCain. I disagree with most of what he says politically. But, I disagree with what Trump said of all POWs including John McCain. All the POWs are hero’s as well as McCain for his conduct and refusal of early release because of who who was. He was transferred [ as were most others] between several of the 14 prisons.

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