Ben Carson compared Donald Trump to the biblical King David in a monday interview on FOX News. Carson said Trump has been a “friend of religion” for years.

David is most famous for killing the giant Goliath with a slingshot and rock. David’s adulterous relationship with Bathsheba a close second. Even got her pregnant.

Carson correct in the comparison. David killed the giant, Trump killing democracy. Trump has a reputation for being an adulterer. David had at least 8 wives. The wives were not enough for David. He also had concubines.

Yes, Carson was correct in making the comparison.

Nikki Haley confuses me when it coms to slavery. Last month, she would not cite slavery as a cause of the Civil War. Tuesday she said the U.S., where owning a Black person was once legal, has “never” been a racist country.

Re the recent three migrant drownings in Texas, the Houston Chronicle called Governor Abbott a “coward” and an “embarrassment.”

Today’s podcast done 6 years ago. Brief and to the point. Titled: A Hell of a Week Ahead.



On this day in 1950, the historic Brink’s robbery occurred. Eleven men stole $2.7 million ($29 million in today dollars) from the Brink’s Armored Car depot in Boston.

The theft was almost successful. Took just under 6 years to catch the eleven. The Statute of Limitations was 6 years. The thieves almost made it!

Eight of the eleven were convicted and received life sentences. Two died before they could go to trail. One cooperated with authorities and did not do time.

Only a small part of the money was recovered. The rest is thought to be hidden in the hills north of Grand Rapids, Minnesota.

On this day in 1961, President Eisenhower warned of the military-industrial complex. He feared their increasing influence. He was correct.

Syracuse defeated Pitt last night 69-58. The second time Syracuse has defeated Pitt this season.

Syracuse played well. A relief from the recent disastrous beating at the hands of North Carolina. Syracuse made 10 three point shots.

It was The Grand for me last night. With Jean and Joe, Cindy and Steve. Matt bartending. I enjoyed a salmon dish.

Joe returning to Birmingham today. Work calls. Jean staying till the end of the month. We will do at least one dinner together during that time. Probably stone crabs.

Enjoyed also a new couple. We met for the first time. Jeff and Dana. Reside on Long Island, they are presently renting a home in Tarpon Springs. Visiting Key West for a few days.

Jeff is retired. His career was in the pharmaceutical industry. Dana still plugging away. Involved in the entertainment industry. With “Design Studio.” She is an executive producer of video content.

I enjoyed both tremendously. Sad we probably will not run into each other again.

Jeff of Italian extraction. We talked of Italian things. Also a Trumpie. A war not involved.  We were able to converse as persons should.

Tonight Brady’s Irish Pub. Italian specialty night. Chicken parmesan. Plus, Carola.

I’m off to Date & Thyme. My Monkey Smoothie fix.

Enjoy your day!


  1. The people who were polite to Hitler, enabled Hitler to exist.

    None of them, nor the rest of the world, gained ANYTHING from having been polite to Hitler, or any of his supporters.

    Be careful with who you have dinner with, THEY take your politeness as affirmation and allowance.

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