Pray tell, where does Trump get these supporters? The most recent to come to light is Candance Owens. A 31 year old black woman who formed and leads BLEXIT. A far right  black Republican conservative group.

BLEXIT was the group present on the South Lawn of the White House yesterday for the brief talk by God: Trump standing on the Truman balcony far above the 300-400 black BLEXIT’s standing below him.

Allegedly young Republicans. Not sure if Republicans, conservatives, or anything actually.

The talk had been promoted during the week preceding it as a law enforcement one. Two thousand persons had been invited. The HUGE outdoor rally advertised failed to even closely reach its goal.

Many of the 300-400 Brexit persons came from elsewhere. Most had their travel and lodging expense paid by Candance Owens’ BLEXIT group. All were given blue BLEXIT T shirts which they were mandated to wear without exception. Also face masks to wear, with no requirement that they had to be worn. There was no social distancing. They stood shoulder to shoulder looking up at the President.

The black attendees were required to fill out a form that in effect notified them that BLEXIT, a campaign urging Black Americans to leave the Democratic Party, would be covering travel costs.

Trump referred to the group as Black Conservatives.I wonder how many were even enrolled with a political party.

Candance Owens was running the show. A former liberal Democrat now a Republican conservative.

Trump was expected to discuss law enforcement with the Conservative Blacks.

Owens was a staunch Democrat activist till 2017. In 2015, she criticized conservative Republicans in a writing. She wrote about the “bat-shit-crazy antics of the Republican Tea Party.” She further wrote, “They will obviously die off then we can get on with the OBVIOUS social changes that need to happen.”

Something occurred in 2017 that affected her politically. What, I do not know. All of a sudden the staunch Democrat became a black hearted Republican. As she wrote in 2017, “Overnight…..I realized that liberals were actually the racists. Liberals were actually the trolls.”

Owens came to Trump’s attention this year. The Republican Party will take as many blacks into its ranks as it can. Especially smart ones. A mere 10-15 percent of the voting population are black and Republican.

Those on the White House lawn have been referred to as “secret paid protesters.”

Owens is planning an “anti-Black Lives Matter” event. Her followers have been urged to attend and have been further advised a limited number will receive travel stipends.

Regarding BLEXIT which Owens formed in 2018, she said, “We have to take this mask off. We have to unmask America.”

A question. Where is the money coming from to finance BLEXIT? I wonder. I doubt she is independently wealthy. She is a 31 year old college drop out.

Trump must be disappointed he failed to win the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize. He need not worry. His name has already been submitted for the 2021 Peace award

He was nominated by Laura Huhtasaari, a right wing Finnish politician. She said she nominated Trump based on his “endeavors to end the era of endless wars.” She felt Trump had been “snubbed” in failing to receive the award this year.

How Cubans and Cuban cigars came to Key West.

In 1868, M. De Caspedes started a revolution on his estate in Bayamo, Cuba. The Spanish government immediately crushed the uprising.

Such led to the first mass Cuban migration to Key West. De Caspedes and his followers.

They brought with them the knowledge and seed to make Cuban cigars. The hand rolled Cuban cigar business was established using clear leaf Cuban tobacco.

The football season does not look good for Syracuse. My team lost to Duke yesterday 38-24.

Duke had lost its first 4 games this season. Syracuse was 1-2.

Syracuse had played exceptionally well against Georgia Tech which was the team’s first win. I expected the same against Duke.

It was not to be.

On obvious reason is Syracuse receivers could not hold on to the ball. Perfect throws dropped from their hands.

Some day, glory will be Syracuse’s again. I hope I am around to see it.

Enjoy your Sunday!




  1. Blexit is very well funded and those who attend are paid beyond just travel expenses and swag. I know because I was approached and so were my friends.

  2. Ronald Rayguns was the GOPer who openly legitimized the demonization of Liberalism and the Government, itself. And here we are today.

  3. I cannot wait until you come to your senses and stop posting about politics. Although I agree with you on much, the politics is ruining your blog and you come off as an angry old man.

    • Jeff Watson – politics has ALWAYS been the soul of this blog and you know that. This has all been discussed before.

      Lou is a fine old man and you apparently have no idea who is is or what his blog is all about.

    • I disagree and I’d rather have, as you say, an “angry old man” than a senior who sits by with an “I got mine” attitude while the future for his grandchildren is tossed into flux by a dysfunctional presidential administration.

    • Why wait Jeff, move on to someplace you are more comfortable and more appreciated. You don’t want to be here on Lou’s blog, and no one here wants you here either.

  4. When it comes to Republicans, all I’ve known loyally vote along party lines. It appears Democrats consider themselves free thinkers and have, from time to time, crossed party lines — often to their detriment.

  5. Trump must be disappointed he failed to win the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize. He need not worry. His name has already been submitted for the 2021 Peace award

    I suspect his name has been submitted elsewhere as well, perhaps for indictment by the SDNY. I’d say he has good cause to worry.

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