Greg Becker is the Silicon Valley Bank CEO. He sold $30 million of his bank stock in the past two years. $3.7 million on February 27, just days before SVB disclosed the large loss that triggered its stock slide and collapse.

Insider trading at its worst! A white collar form of stealing. Warrants total investigation and criminal charges.

All together, SVB executives and directors sold $84 million in stock in the past two years.

I repeat. Whores. Thieves at heart.

In the end, tax dollars will protect depositors even beyond the normal $250,000 limit.

Trump’s purported payment of $130,000 took place seven years ago in 2016. Trump still waiting to be indicted. Anyone else would have been indicted, convicted and have already served time by now. Not Donald.

And still not indicted! Though it appears he may soon be.

A question involves misdemeanor or felony. The misdemeanor though it carries a possible one year jail term, in Trump’s instance, if convicted, would not be imposed. In all likelihood, he would walk without jail time.

In order to garner jail time would require a felony conviction beyond the lowest felony classification in my opinion. The problem is the felony stature is not clear in New York.

No sweat. The State and Manhattan legal offices have investigated the Trump organization and obtained one civil judgment for wrongdoing as well as tons of data. Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg should take 2 or 3 of those charges and where appropriate indict Trump personally on them also. Now conviction for something serious requiring jail time would be a probability. The 2 or 3 charges need not be related to the $130,000 payoff. Separate and non-related charges are commonly brought against a defendant .

Justice demands conviction. Trump has made a fool out of the legal system long enough. He mocks everyone of us. It is time he is made to pay the fiddler.

Jim Boeheim will remain part of Syracuse University. It has been announced he will serve as Special Assistant to Syracuse’s Athletic Director.  Most likely in a fund raising capacity.

A special day ahead for me. Robert is home from Florida State for a week. I am having lunch with Robert and Ally today at Roostica. Ally graduates from high school in a couple of months. She will be attending Florida State beginning in August.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Dear Lou,
    You make my day every day! I read and agree with your analysis of wold and political mess and perhaps not have to deal with this much longer! With current political/ world crises.,
    great to be in our 80s and proud lot lives we have lived and contributions we have made.
    Sometimes there are tough decisions made for art and self personal survival not to be judged.
    Best wishes,
    Dot Downs

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