For some reason I cannot understand, I am into baby boomers this morning.

Baby boomers are those that were born between 1946 and 1964. Some have already reached retirement age. Those that were 65 in 2011.

Baby boomers make up 29 percent of the population. Seventy six million of them.

There is a blog called “Baby Boomer Bullshit.” A recent interesting post: “How do you frighten this new generation? Put them in a room with a rotary phone, an analog watch, and a TV with no remote (add rabbit ears for fun). Then leave directions for use in cursive.”

I recently read a purported baby boomer comment: “Kids don’t even know how to write cursive.” I thought, so what? Some grandparents can’t even turn on a laptop.

Never made it to Goombay last night. Hopefully tonight.

I discovered around 5 that Syracuse was playing Pitt ;last night and not this afternoon. Obviously, Syracuse football won out.

The team is killing me! Lost 27-20.

I have to get over it and accept this is not going to be a good year. Hard to do. Hope springs eternal.

Syracuse’s problem is the offense. Our sophomore quarterback De Vito needs this year for seasoning. He should be good next year. I hope!

He went into last night’s game wearing extra rib padding. He didn’t last long.

The substitute quarterback was freshman Clayton Welch. Started with a bang! A 94 yard pass for a touchdown. Was I excited! That was it, however. Except for a 40 yard pass later in the game, he did not distinguish himself.

Syracuse’s season reminds me of the Brooklyn Dodger baseball team of old. They could not win a World Series. The comment each year was, “Wait till next year!”

As I shall be doing with Syracuse.

Key West has been home to many writers. Some great.

One was James Leo Herlihy. He was a resident of Key West 1956-1972.

Two of Herlihy’s most famous works were made into movies. Midnight Cowboy and All Fall Down.

Tomorrow is the anniversary of his death. October 20, 1993.

A lot of hurricanes this year. The latest is Nestor. Fortunately, it will not affect Key West in any way.

Nestor is coming out of the Gulf of Mexico. Winds northeasterly. Nestor expected to hit the U.S. somewhere around Georgia. Could even farther south over northern and central Florida.

Turkey’s President Erdogan is a proud man. He wears his feelings on his shirt sleeve.

Two weeks ago, many of the nations of the world conferred for 3 days at the United Nations. Everyone wanted to meet with Trump. Erdogan tried and was rebuffed several times. No meeting took place.

Erdogan considered the snub an insult. At the time, Trump probably gave it no thought.

Erdogan from a might perspective deserves respect. From no other perspective, however. Turkey has the second largest military force in NATO. Second only to the U.S. Additionally, Turkey has sitting at one of its air bases 50 U.S. nuclear bombs aimed at Russia. They have been there for years. Turkey objects not to there being there.

First, the U.N. snub. Then came the sunday night telephone call. Does not appear to have gone well. The bottom line is Trump apparently gave Erdogan permission to invade the Kurds in Syria. Or maybe Erdogan told Trump he was going to invade and he did not care what Trump said..

The next day Trump told the world in effect that he had given permission to Turkey to invade.

The following does not make sense, but appears to be the way it came down.

The following day Trump is firmly telling everyone that Ordogan better do everything correctly or the U.S. would “obliterate Turkey’s economy.”

The next step involves Trump sending a short letter to Erdogan. Trump in effect is telling Erdogan to go easy, back off. Refers to Erdogan, “Don’t be a tough guy…..Don’t be a fool.”

Trump has yet to learn diplomatic jargon. A President does not talk to another President that way.

Erdogan getting madder by the minute.

Trump sends Pence and Pompeo to Turkey to resolve what appears an unanticipated tension between Turkey and the U.S.

The media tells us things were strange at the beginning of the meeting. No one smiling. All stiff faced.

Pence had to suck up to Erdogan. He told him Trump “liked, respected and valued” Erdogan. He also conveyed the U.S.’s condolences to those killed and their families. It has been reported one Turkish general at the meeting was visibly moved.

What a mess! The whole thing! In 2 weeks, Trump has screwed up world power, demeaned the U.S., made an ass out of himself, etc.

The man has to go!

U.S. politics unquestionably a tough game.

This story involves Thomas Jefferson.

It was 1796. Jefferson was running against John Adams for President. Jefferson lost.

Historians believe a significant reason for the loss was Jefferson’s affair with the mulato Sally Hemings.

The Gazette of the United States was a well read newspaper. During the campaign, a writer named “Phocion” began writing essays. Twenty five between October 15 and November 24.

The October 19 essay specifically accused Jefferson of carrying on an affair with one of his indentured servants. Phocion lambasted Jefferson in each of his essays thereafter for what he perceived was Jefferson’s immoral conduct.

In reality, Phocion was Jefferson’s political enemy Alexander Hamilton.

Historians believe Sally Hemings was the half sister of Jefferson’s dead wife.

If I understand this time in U.S. history, Jefferson’s wife was long dead before the Sally affair began.

It should also be noted Jefferson had the reputation throughout his career of being a lady’s man.

Although Jefferson lost the 1796 election, he was elected President 4 years later.

Enjoy your day!




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