Still nursing/babying myself. At 80, you do this. Cold much better. Another day should do it.

Yesterday was typical of a person on the mend. I read, watched TV, and napped. A lot of napping.

I took my time researching tonight’s blog talk radio show. Great topics! Authoritarianism and Trump, Gaddafi and the predicted Jihad that followed his death, an Israeli study showing marijuana an effective treatment for Alzheimer’s, Congress adding $64 billion to Budget Bill for Ukrainian neo-Nazi party, Saudi Arabia buying up water deprived farm land in California and Arizona, Uber getting into helicopters,and more.

June Nelson e-mailed me an article she thought would interest me. It did. I am going to talk about it a bit this evening on my blog talk radio show. I share the theme/tenor with you at this time.

It is an article in Politico. Titled: The One Weird Trait That Predicts Whether You’re a Trump Supporter. It is by Matthew Mac Williams 1/17/2016. I recommend you read it. It can be found on

Briefly, authoritarianism is a blind submission to authority. The authoritarian leader generally having a short tenure. It is the opposite of Democracy. It involves the loss of individual freedom.

Authoritarianism has been studied by social scientists since the rise of Nazi Germany.

With authoritarianism, people rally and follow a strong leader, respond aggressively to outsiders (especially when feel threatened). Things such as I will make America great again, build a wall on the border, close the mosques, bar Muslims, and the like.

An interesting article.

My blog talk radio show Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou is at 9 tonight my time. Join me for a quick moving half hour.

Enjoy your day!


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