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  1. Hi louis.

    Long time no see. When I saw these photos, it reminds me of last summer,Your photos is very beautiful.You look great, I’m very glad to be with you together through the summer, though you are in Europe, I was in Beijing, but I’m from your blog to understand the real Europe, beautiful scenery, ancient villages, beautiful buildings, a long history, which are very attractive to me,You are a great traveler, you use your eyes and text to tell us the true history will forever remain in this world.

    Human history tells us, find and save the equally important, this is our precious wealth to the mankind.

    This is your quest to bring my enlightenment.

    Thank you very much!


    • Zhao….Thank you for writing. It has been quite a while since we communicated. I am glad to hear from you.
      I plan another trip this summer. Will spend several weeks hopefully in Greece again. I hope all is well with you.

  2. louis.

    Long time no see.WOW, Greece, a mysterious place, do you still remember the beach? In the summer of last year.You sit alone on the beach of Greece, you see a young mother and his children to swim in the sea, their happiness is contagious to you.

    When your feet set foot on Greece again, will you go to the beach? Where everything will change?

    I wish you all the best!!!


    • ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh,sorry.I have seen my message here again, but I didn’t see you give me the new message. This website is shut off in China, but I can have another way to enter your blog, I hope to see your message everyday.


  3. louis.

    I have some sad, I see you say you are still taking painkillers, you often feel physical pain, please tell me what place? You know, often taking painkillers will cover your illness, or will delay your treatment. I guess you drink, I see your big belly on the photo, only the liver is not good people will have a big belly, this situation shows your kidney has a problem, don’t just rely on the pill to urinate, it will make you suffer from diabetes. I am very worried about you, if you go to Europe this summer, you’d better have people who can accompany you there. Do you still remember last summer in europe,High temperature weather there and wet brings you great pain, I hope that this year the weather will be better.

    what can I do for you???


      • Do you Have a weight loss plan recently ?I just saw you in Athens photos last year, didn’t see your other photos, please send to my mailbox, I want to know what you look like now.I always miss you.I read your blog, I’m worried about your health, your workload is too big, why don’t you give yourself a break???Read your blog, I want to cry, my heart is very uncomfortable.I hope you can take good care of yourself.


  4. I think I am most concerned about is your health and your life. I know a lot of things happened recently in the United States, these things can make a lot of people think more, but your health is the most important to me, don’t forget, I will always be your best friend.

    Best wishes!


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