The Conch Republic Celebration continues. Yesterday was the bed race. Long name Conch Republic Red Ribbon Bed Race. The race is held on Duval. I watched from the curb.

The race has been described as…..The most fun you can have in bed with your clothes on!

Ten beds in the race yesterday. A slew of prizes for different things. Five or six. Just about everyone wins. Curry Mansion Inn received the Best Bed award. The eternal Edith Amsterdam riding in the bed. Edith a young 90 Key West icon.

Spent my day before and after the race researching this week’s KONK Life column. I have a bit more research and will be writing the column later today. The article will do with an item I mentioned earlier this week here. The issue as to whether chimpanzees are people. A take off from corporations are people. My intent is to show the lunacy of some court decisions.

Dinner at the bar at Hogfish. A quiet evening. I sat at the end of the bar and read newspapers.

Three weeks ago our bocce team was in second place. Today, fifth. How the mighty fall! There is still a ways to go. The top five teams make the playoffs. We are on the bubble now. I believe we will make it.

Harry Truman was and continues to be specially loved by Key West. He chose our island to spend 155 days during his Presidency as his vacation spot. His home away from home.

I have read many Truman biographies over the years. Without question, Truman loved his wife Bess deeply. Bess however was a strange woman. For some reason, she did not like living anywhere except in Independence. Truman spent many days alone in the White House.

On this day in history in 1933, Truman wrote a letter to Bess. Apparently Truman was somewhere up north and Bess and Margaret on vacation in the south.

I came across a copy of the handwritten letter on the internet. Following Dear Bess, Truman wrote…..I got a letter yesterday from you and it made the day livable and much brighter.


Food for thought. Though we are more than 500 days to the next Presidential election, I offer the following for consideration. The two major problems confronting us are the middle east wars and the economy. Rarely are candidates knowledgeable in both. Some in neither. Many times we place in office a person not equipped for the job.

This time around we should select our President from one who is best versed at either war or the economy. The decision should be made up front. Both areas are fraught with danger. At least our President will be will versed in one area and can learn on the job with the other as recent Presidents have done.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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