Ancient Rome and public baths. No matter where you went in the Roman Empire. you could always find a public bath.

Roman baths were called “thermae.” They were complex facilities with elaborate heating systems where Romans from all walks of life came together to relax, socialize, and, of course, get clean.

Not just a simple dip in the water. A whole process was involved. A visitor would begin by performing some light exercise, followed by a hot bath, then a warm bath, then a cold bath. Also, persons could spend time in a steam bath or get a massage.

Public baths were a central part of Roman culture. Some citizens considered them a symbol of Roman identity. So much so that baths were built in nearly every part of the Roman Empire. Even its remotest regions as far north as the British Isles and as far south as Egypt.

Measle cases are on a track this year to be the worst since the 2019 outbreak. And the year is not yet one third over.

Nevertheless, anti-vaccine activists are recklessly sowing doubts and encouraging vaccine hesitancy. They endanger not only their own health, but also that of the unvaccinated around them. According to the Centers for Disease and Prevention, one person infected can infect nine out of ten unvaccinated people they come in contact with.

Biden and Trump have agreed to two debates. Over CNN in June. The second ACC in September.

Michael Cohen is reported to be doing well before the jury. Many times when he responds to a question, he looks directly to the jury as he responds. They appear to be waiting for him to look.

As a former trial lawyer for 46 years,  it is a special and unique talent for a witness to accomplish such an exchange with a jury.

Former U.S. Capitol Police Officer Captain Harry Dunn defended the Capitol and lawmakers on January 6. He was in a Democratic primary in Maryland’s 3rd Congressional District tuesday.

He lost.

There were 22 candidates. Twenty one thousand votes won it. Dunn received 14,000.

He said he was going nowhere. Remaining and will run for office again.

There is a parade of Republican politicians visiting Trump’s trial in New York City. Spend a day or part thereof showing support for Trump.

One is Speaker Mike Johnson who appeared on tuesday.

Bess Levin described his appearance in a column in Vanity Fair May 14 titled: “Devout Christian Mike Johnson Shows Up to Hush Money Trial to Defend a Guy Accused of Cheating on His Wife With a Porn Star.”

Levin is overall critical of Johnson. One of her references is to Johnson and Johnson’s son and how they handle computer porn: “He and his son use special software to ensure neither is looking at porn.” Why do they need it? They’re not kids. They should have enough will power to refrain.

Levin asks why Johnson even appeared in view Johnson and his wife’s feelings re adultery: “We (husband and wife) believe and the Bible teaches that any form of sexual immorality, such as adulltery… sinful and offensive to God.”

Johnson wrote in a 2015 Facebook post that “Trump lacks the character and the moral center we desperately need again in the world..” Levin followed Johnson’s Facebook comment with: “Since then, he has become a loyal footstool to Trump, that has included, among other things, helping Trump to overturn the 2020 election.”

Traffic congestion is a problem in Florida. Especially central Florida in the summer.

Florida’s central expressways will now let you drive on the shoulder. A first in Florida.

Purpose: To reduce traffic congestion during accidents and rush hour. Something I cannot recall even being permitted during hurricanes when it would have been especially warranted also.

It is absolutely amazing! How Ron DeSantis keeps legislating CONTRARY to the common good.

His most recent debacle was a bill he signed into law yesterday which effectively gives climate change a lesser priority in Florida. A kick in the ass! Under the new law, climate change will disappear over time from State statutes. The new law also bans power-generating wind turbines offshore or near Florida’s lengthy coastlines.

The net effect will be to increase reliance on natural gas to power electrical generation, move Florida’s energy goals away from efficiency and the reduction of greenhouse gases.

He is rejecting the agenda of the “radical green zealots,” DeSantis proudly said.

How the hell did Floridians elect him Governor in the first place?

The number of Red Lobster closings now reaches near 100. Two days ago it was reported as 40, yesterday 50, now near 100.

This day in 2022 was a sad one in the U.S. The death toll from COVID-19 hit 1 million.

This heat is a killer!

Enjoy your day!


    • Thanks Ed. There have also been several articles about some extreme Right Wing (MAGA type) Armenian groups directly involved in the problems at Cal and other cali campus’

      NYC police are on record that about half of all the people arrested during the crackdowns in NYC (Columbia, CCNY, etc.) were not students, or faculty.

      But it’s the “filthy entitled students” who get all the blame, according to the right wing press and Lou!

  1. Wow, even the legitimate press is reporting these counter protestors now, although they’re mostly blaming local thugs, not saying anything about any Chinese. Mostly it’s anti Jews, not so much pro Palestine. I guess there’s a lot of Nazi’s in California

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