Amazon…..future here today.

Coronavirus has changed the way we live in many respects. One, the way we shop.

Prior to the virus, many shopped over the internet. Ordering and delivery quick.

With so many self quarantining and others reluctant to go out often, internet ordering has significantly increased. It has become the wave of the day.

Convenient without question. I have been self-quarantined 190 plus days. From ordering nothing over the internet prior to the virus, I now order everything. When the virus passes, I will continue to do so. I like quick order shopping!

Amazon perhaps the most successful company in internet sales. Amazon was before the virus and is even more so today.

Amazon’s faith that the game of shopping will continue is contained in Amazon’s recent announcement. Amazon announced it was hiring 100,000 new full and part time employees in the U.S. and Canada this month. All jobs will pay at least $15 per hour.

Amazon further announced 100 new buildings will open to assist in operations such as fulfillment centers, delivery stations, and sorting centers.

Amazon’s announcement also included a list of available jobs and cities where located.

No screwing around! The way to get things done!

Sally is having a field day. Still only a tropical storm, it is slow moving. Has not reached Louisiana and Mississippi yet. In about 2 days.

Rain a big problem. I reported yesterday Key West had 9 1/2 inches of rain as Sally slowly moved over. A record. Hard to believe.

Record rainfall is going to happen in Louisiana and Mississippi. Projected at 9-16 inches. In some places, as much as 20 inches.

Sally will only be a Category 1 when it makes landfall. Yet will do immense flooding damage.

Trump and Netanyahu are buddies. Close. Two bullies. Birds of a feather. Enamored with each other.

Israel is experiencing a surge in coronavirus cases. Netanyahu is ordering a 3 week country wide shutdown. Everything!

Can you see Trump doing any such thing?

Netanyahu placed Israel in a shutdown this past spring. Helped. However as Netanyahu now admits, he opened the schools and businesses too soon. Then allowed the virus to spread unchecked.

Trump never ordered a country wide shut down. He lacked the courage to do it. Concerned the American people would be against it and him as a result.

As we have learned from past experiences, if a leader shares a plight with his people they can handle it.

Trump passed the buck. Left it to the states to decide and then criticized them if they did the right thing.

Hundreds of thousands of Canadian snowbirds spend their winters in Florida. They are not coming this year. Their fear of coronavirus the primary reason. A secondary one is they are waiting for the U.S./Canadian border to open.

NBC and MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt is a brilliant news commentator.

Her talent continues to be recognized by her employers. Commencing September 21, she will host the 5 am lead in show to Morning Joe. The show will be titled Way Too Early.

Congratulations to Kasie on her promotion. She has been moving rapidly up the ladder. Only 35 years old.

Immigrants more than 100 years ago did not have the assistance provided today to those entering the U.S. for the first time.

I read yesterday the story of an Italian immigrant family in 1900. The mother fed her family for years from livestock and vegetables raised on her property. She did not know her husband’s checks had to be cashed.

Many do not wear masks because the President does not. Many do not social distance because the President does not.

Many look to the President for leadership. Direction. Trump fails to provide it. As a result, they do as Trump does. Ignore the law. Sort of if it’s good for the President, it’s good enough for us.

Trump has been campaigning in Nevada the past few days.

Nevada has a 50 person limit for gatherings. Several of Trump’s rallies had to be cancelled or moved. Nevada’s law also providesthat peaceful protests are exempt. Trump came up with labeling his rallies peaceful protests and continued his rallies.

No respect for rules. If he has no respect, his people will not. Such is the case.

There was a peaceful protest in a warehouse in Henderson, Nevada over the weekend. Henderson and the warehouse had to be because Trump was denied permission to held his rally in 5 other places that had the 50 percent limit.

A good sized crowd. However one that in no way filled the warehouse.

Masks. The crowd seated behind Trump all wore masks. Planned. The larger crowd to the front wore no masks.

No distancing either behind or in front of Trump.

I don’t know how large the warehouse is. However, the people to the front were crowded in the front rows.

A camera caught the scene for a brief moment. Looked like at least 70 percent of the warehouse to Trump’s front was row after row of empty seats. A camera caught the absence for a brief second.

Donald is unhappy about coronavirus reports emanating from the CDC which contradict positions Trump has taken or intends to take. Trump has ordered the CDC to filter reports first through his people. He wants the reports scrutinized from my perspective to prevent the truth from being disclosed.

Hiding the truth nothing new with Trump’s administration.

One of Trump’s buddies is Roger Stone. Recall he pardoned Stone after Stone was convicted. A few days before Stone was to enter jail.

Stone said yesterday that Trump should declare martial law if he loses the election.

Trump mentioned over the weekend he thought he was entitled to a third term. He assumes he will win a second term.

William Hackley’s baby apparently has mended. Hackley wrote in his diary on this day in 1855: “Babe is three months old today and is quite well, weighs 14 pounds.”

I wish he would tell us the name of the baby. Is it Babe?

Enjoy your day!


29 comments on “AMAZON…..FUTURE HERE TODAY

    • We’ve been buying from Amazon, like forever. Thousands of items by now and we have NEVER had a single item we would describe as previously used or “factory seconds.” One of the things we like best is any item can be returned and either exchanged or refunded, no question asked.

      It doesn’t replace shopping in person, but it sure works for the pandemic restricted types (us) and has made our quarantine times work well.

      Lou, are you getting groceries delivered? That and booze delivered has been a blessing too.

  1. Trump again today insisted incorrectly that the forest fires in California are primarily the result of forest mismanagement, even though that idea has been thoroughly debunked by all serious experts. What he didn’t say is anything about Climate change nor that a good deal of these forest fires are on federal properties which does not have the funds to do any widespread “forest management” because HE himself cut funds to those proprieties.

    Just one more example of him screwing it up then unable or unwilling to do anything about it.

  2. Guess who ended up with Tik-Tok? Larry Ellison, of Oracle Corp, a huge Trump supporter and donor.

    All that BS interference from the President of the United States, just to tilt a sale of a dangerous company, to a friend.

    The swamp starts at the top.

    A fish rots starting from the head.

    • Indeed, 8 more years! In fact we need to establish a monarchy with the Trump family and have Don Jr take over in say 12 years. Now we’re talking!

      • Hey Col+-eman, I remember back in July when you predicted (and your fake friends Sandy and Sergey) that the if Trump pulled his Federal “Police” out of Portland, the Federal Court House would be destroyed by the end of August. That didn’t happen and there has been no further attacks on the building. Seems you don’t really know what you are talking about and post here only to agitate and try and cause problems,

        • Yep. Downtown Portland is a wonderful place to spend an evening now. It’s all so pretty and clean. Well, except for all the boarded up, graffiti covered and burned out store fronts. Oh, and let’s not forget the gunfire and a body in the street.

          • Hey Colman – don’t change the subject, I didn’t mention ANYTHING about Portland’s finer points, only that YOU, with your hair on fire, smugly predicting about how if Trump removed his private army from Portland, that the Federal Court House would be destroyed by August 31st. That didn’t happen. What happened was that no further harm came to that building.

            The point I am making with my post today is that you really don’t know (or care) what you are talking about, then or now, and post here only to agitate and try and cause problems, as with your reply to my post.

    • Well carrying it in public is more than enough for me. If I see that ANY time while in Key West, especially with my children around, I will say something and probably NEVER come back. There is simply NO good reason to carry around a gun in Key West, period>

    • Yep, a new poll shows that now over 85% on blacks in Key West now approve of how Trump is handling things and running the country.

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