My beloved grandkids Allie and Robert are home from Florida State University for summer vacation.

I was walking at Winn-Dixie Shopping Center yesterday around noon and heard a loud “Poppa!” It was Allie with a girl friend. We spoke a while. It was good to see her. She is lovelier each time. She has her old job as hostess at The Reach for the summer.

Allie did well this past semester. Three As and 2 Bs. She volunteered the two Bs could have been As if she had worked harder in the two courses. I was impressed she saw the error of her ways and intended to be guided by it when she returns to school.

I have not seen Robert yet. 

The three of us will get together soon for lunch.

Justice Alito a misguided bag of wind.

He wrote a letter to Senators Durbin and Whitehouse that he will not recuse himself from January 6 related cases. The issue having to do with two flag issues. One at his Virginia home, the other at his wife’s New Jersey beach house.

He goes a step further in this letter when he advises that similar to the Virginia flag, the New Jersey one was his wife’s idea also and flown without his knowledge.

I think he lies.

Alito demeans the Supreme Court further with his decisions.  He must be removed from the Court. He and Thomas. Both thrown off. There must be a way.

The Louisville Police Department capitulated. Charges against Scheffler were withdrawn yesterday. The County Attorney filed a motion to dismiss all charges against Scheffler.

Police Officer Gillis is lucky. He would have had to perjure himself to make the charges stick. His own wrongdoing would have placed him in jeopardy.

Gillis is the type of police officer who should not serve. Louisville should dump him. He has a track record of wrongdoing. The Scheffler incident merely another. Will there be more? Absolutely. It’s the nature of the beast.

Florida received a title this week, one it has previously had: The Shark Capital of the World. The title the result of a study by the Florida Museum of National History’s International Shark Attack File. Its decision covers the U.S. and the world.

 Last year, Florida recorded 16 confirmed unprovoked shark bites. The number represents 44 percent of total cases in the U.S. and 23 percent worldwide.

Cause of Florida’s prominence:  Florida’s warm and clean water which has increased. Warm water attracts many type fish. The multitudinous variety call Florida home. Sharks feed off them and their abundance.

A $2.8 billion settlement is awaiting judicial approval. If approved, it will allow schools to pay college students directly for playing sports.

Wrong in my opinion. I have never approved of students being paid to play. Their “pay” is the free education they get. Generally covers tuition, room and board. Plus in many institutions, a side job to provide pocket money.

The settlement will result in big bucks being paid to many college athletes. In six figures and perhaps to the very best in the millions.

Not right. Bothers me. Even the way college athletes are being paid to play today. Who move from one school to another when attracted by bigger bucks.

Biden scrambling to win back Black voters. He better. He needs them!

Blacks are wrong to favor Trump over Biden. Trump will screw them royally in the final analysis. Biden has treated Blacks more than fairly. His record speaks for itself. From judicial appointments to other things. Trump will promise them everything and deliver nothing. Such is Trump’s record. His only interest is the rich.

There have been four Madison Square Gardens. Four different buildings.

The first a railroad station which through 4 different successive owners converted the facility and renamed it Madison Square Garden.

Eventually torn down, a larger facility erected in its place. Not profitable. Demolished.

The third Madison Square Garden was built in 1925 on Eighth Avenue. Many the game I watched there while in college.

In 1963, the original Penn Station was torn down. A group built the current Madison Square Garden in its place.

This day in 1431 was a bad one for Joan of Arc. Her good was debunked. She was burned at the stake.

This day in 1917, the jazz standard “Dark Town Strutters Ball” by  Shelton Brooks was recorded by the Original Dixieland Jazz Band.

The Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. One of the U.S.’ outstanding memorial statues was dedicated this day in 1922.

If the opportunity presents itself, visit Washington and view it. Moving!

On May 30, 1967, American motorcycle daredevil “Evel” Knievel’s motorcycle jumped 16 automobiles in Gardena, California.

I knew Evel. We met at La Costa outside San Diego sometime in the late 1970’s or early 1980’s. Became friends.

He was in the area with his 165 foot yacht. He invited me to join him for a few days on it and we traveled South California Pacific waters.

A fun experience!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. You THINK Alito lies?

    Most responsible sources are reporting that the excuse Alito used is false. That the altercation Alito’s wife had with a neighbor happened AFTER the flag was hung upside down, NOT before and therefore would NOT have been why she (they?) retaliated.

    A supreme court justice lying about anything is a flag upside down issue, by itself.

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